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Great Article! I installed tiled professionally for a few years and have a few other suggestions to make:

Use a "story-pole" for layout. Basically, lay your tile on the floor with spacers and then mark a straight piece of lumber where the joints are located. Google it for more information but basically you can visually exactly what your cut will be so that you can prevent slivers(small cuts).

Also, instead of using using tape to hold tiles in place, start at the bottom with a ledger board (google this also) and work to the top. Once again, you'll use a story pole for vertical alignment.

Finally, although it is not required, the company I worked for almost always "buttered" the back of the tile in addition to applying thinset to the wall. Buttering is basically where you use the flat side of the trowel to place a very thin coat of thinset. All you need is enough to cover the "gripping pattern" on the back of the tile. Buttering the back of the tile helps the tile adhere to the thinset on the wall and results in a stronger bond.

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4/11/14 02:45 PM

I agree with most of the others who say to remove the tile. It's really not that much work to demo. If you're worried about moisture between the drywall and wainscotting, use a waterproof membrane product that you paint on. Something like RedGard. It's good stuff! Sure, you could go over the top of the tile, but I think you'll run into more problems during the install as well as down the road.

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2/13/12 11:11 AM

This is a good list. There is one tool I would add though. My favorite is an SDS Rotary Hammer. I have the Bosch Bulldog Xtreme and love it. It can drill through concrete, brick, or masonry. You can buy a $25 attachment and turn it into a mixer. On top of that, you can use it a "mini-jackhammer".

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1/31/12 02:26 PM