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Dear Apartment Therapy,
We noticed the review above stated our Photoshop work isn't out of this world and wanted to ask if it was based on an actual print you received? We are happy to send you a sample which shows the quality that someone can expect when we receive a good customer photo. If you did get a poster you are not satisfied with, please let us know and we are happy to rework it to your satisfaction.

Finally, we feel our posters are fairly priced. If you consider the capital investment and time required to organize this type of business, artist time, customer service time, cost to pay the illustrator, hosting costs, material costs, credit card fees, office lease, utilities, insurance, storage and shipping costs, packaging, furniture, software etc... we have to sell quite a few Dinoprints to be able to stay in business and provide what we believe to be a fun and valuable service to those who want it.

Finally, Dear FINJA and ADRIENNEMESCHELLE, don't forget you have to purchase a copy of Photoshop for $1,299 before you spend a few hours learning it, and I'm sure you will purchase the rights to copyrighted original artwork from an artist before you build your own Dinoprint ;)

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