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Sorry, but how exactly is a Doctor Who/beard/NPR fan hard to shop for? In my experience, the most challenging people to shop for are those who don't have clearly defined, commercialized interests.

An Unconventional Way to Find the Perfect Gift
12/13/13 01:53 PM

Frederic Malle (Jurassic Flower! Russian Nights! 1er Mai! Cafe Society!) candles are the best. Cire Trudon is also pretty good (Abd el Kader & Ernesto in particular). A little pricey ($80-$100) but completely worth it.

Confession: I'm Obsessed with
Yankee Candles

7/2/12 03:09 PM

Get to know your neighborhood watch.

What to Do When Theft Hits Home
3/29/12 01:27 PM

Nowadays, never. When my commute to work was a 2-mile walk, I used it everyday. On vacation when I didn't have a computer or smartphone, I used it all the time (even with spotty wifi, I was able to keep a big map of Paris in the cache and use the maps app effectively). But it doesn't have a place in my current iPhone/Macbook/Kindle configuration. I typically have at least 12 tabs open at a given time and the iPad simply cannot handle it. I feel lucky that I didn't have to pay for my iPad (it was a gift) but I regret not selling it immediately (at the time, it wasn't available in the country where I was living and it was selling for $1k on Craigslist).

Reader Survey: How Often Do You Use Your iPad?
2/13/12 01:43 PM

I'm working on a semi-minimalist bedroom in gray. I'm painting the walls, closet, and four pieces of furniture the same shade of gray, and I'm only allowing red, burnt orange, and chartreuse accents/art. It looks great, and I was surprised that it was so hard to find examples of minimalist rooms in gray.

Must Minimalism Equal Pure White?
Color Therapy

1/31/12 02:58 PM