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Love this but am totally drawn to the ceilings. Saved quite a few of the photos for future ideas. Looks like a wonderful home in which to live.

Tommy & Todd's Bohemian Chic Collection
House Tour

7/31/14 01:18 PM

Many times on the Before and After, I kinda like the before better. This one could only improve with aide. Very nice. That poor piece of furniture is much happier now.

Before & After: A Dated Desk Gets a Fresh, Clean Look
7/24/14 05:14 PM

I am quite sure that the majority of my noisy neighbors (along with the ones that refuse to pick up their newspapers or dog poop, etc. or leave trash for others to pick up) don't care. I moved into a community that was largely people older than 55 years and everyone was neighbor courteous. As younger people move in, it has become a far less pleasant neighborhood.

Nobody Wants to Be the Noisy Neighbor: Tips for Keeping Your Sound Down
7/22/14 03:51 PM

I love Providence and this is an incredibly beautiful house. Thank you for sharing it.

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/20/14 12:20 PM

Please adopt me. sigh

Lee & Thor's Dynamic Domicile House Tour
7/18/14 09:32 PM

It is a tiny sliver in one of the of the photos but I love the refrigerator. I could stand there for 10 minutes and just look at everything on the doors.

John's Third Floor Flat in Ft. Greene House Call
7/18/14 09:27 PM

I like the concept of "broken in". Clean, sparkly and new is nice but I like the comfort of a space that only comes with time and life.

Revisiting Scott's California Bohemian House Tour
7/17/14 12:35 PM

Might be tight because the ceiling is angled as well but a murphy bed with desk would be a good way to go.
or something like it.

Ideas for Narrow Loft Space? Good Questions
7/17/14 09:24 AM

Funny, my exact thought when I saw the headline was AT's #4! These make me laugh! I also never wear anything nice, never carry a purse, wear cargo pants with a lot of pockets (and put $1 in one pocket, $5 in another, and larger bills in other pockets, of course, crumbling all of the bills first). I try to balance my good deal and the seller's as well.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/14/14 11:41 AM

Can I have the Orla Kiely bedding you are no longer using? :-)
Yes, always need more photos.

Before & After: An Eichler Master Gets a Meticulous Makeover
7/14/14 10:31 AM

Gotta have the top sheet. Sorry. Making the bed is really not that hard and the top sheet does not affect the time.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 11:32 AM

-The Ikea FULLEN cabinet is for wall hung sinks but not pedestal sinks, by the way. The opening at the top for plumbing is the only one.
-The UK sells a good number of cabinets for pedestal sinks. I have found one in dark wood at home depot but that is it here. (SinkWrap 25 in. W x 20 in. D Vanity Cabinet Only for Pedestal Sinks in Espresso). I want one in white!

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 08:06 PM

The old adage stands - If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. And that is especially important when commenting here/behind anonymity. I have disliked many of the homes/spaces but surprisingly could almost always find something nice that I liked if I felt the need to comment. Otherwise, there is no need to comment.

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 02:18 PM

Pads definitely. Otherwise, I have done well with hard top cork bottomed placements I have gotten from Target and Pottery Barn.

What's Better: Vinyl or Cloth Placemats? Good Questions
7/10/14 09:35 AM

Love the wallpaper as well - that is fabulous!

Bronwyn's Small San Francisco Studio House Call
7/7/14 06:40 PM

If you have to watch a commercial, much better with a bit of humor. Great ads.

Discount Furniture Ads Finally Get a Sense of Humor
7/7/14 10:36 AM

Please test links!

Win: A Customized Chair from Joybird Giveaway
6/30/14 01:23 PM

The mosaic glass lantern chandelier is beautiful/fabulous. Love your home. I saved a few of the photos in my ideas folder!

Zainab and Farhan's Colorful & Contemporary Dubai Apartment House Tour
6/28/14 12:27 PM

When I win the lottery, I want to be you. A very lovely home. And the view...! You are blessed - enjoy. Thank you for sharing your most interesting home.

Elena's Crete Cave House Call
6/27/14 12:22 PM

I would be such a nosy guest poking around looking at everything!

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 03:28 PM