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I have to disagree with the measuring spoons. Progressive makes awesome magnetic measuring spoons that nestle together for storage and take a split second to separate when needed.

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2/24/12 06:33 PM

Use a wall lamp and employ thoughtful stacking. I also like mrsyow's idea to use a basket or crate under the table.

How Does One Function with a Dysfunctional Nightstand?
2/24/12 06:09 PM

I have an all-in-one room since we have a roommate in the living room, and I've made do by using shelving. If your walls are white and the shelves are white and the storage boxes are white (IKEA's Kassett boxes are perfect), it won't look too crowded. If your walls aren't white, I'd suggest going for a color that blends in better.

Also, try getting adjustable furniture, like the Norden gate-leg table (also from IKEA) but USE POWER TOOLS when screwing the hinges in. I gave myself a repetitive stress injury trying to screw the whole thing together by hand. It's also REALLY heavy but serves as storage (6 little drawers!) and can follow you to your next place and serve as a kitchen table (or bar, in our case).

Tips for Designing My All-in-One Room in Parents' Home?
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2/17/12 07:16 PM

I made this last night and unfortunately it didn't bake all the way through because the dish I used was too small, area-wise and too deep. I gave up after it had been baking for an hour, because I had to get to a party, with or without the dessert. I'd suggest a long/wide casserole dish rather than just any 3-quart dish. I did manage to sample the edges, which did cook through. Delicious!

Sweet Recipe: Dark Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Goat Cheese Swirl
2/12/12 11:33 PM

There's an awesome one by Eyvind Earle that I'm drooling over. He was the art director for Disney's Sleeping Beauty, and his landscapes are pretty magical.

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1/30/12 02:32 PM