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Ok, judging from the dates on this thread you have probably long since resolved the issue for yourself, but we also have the dreaded golden oak cabinets in our kitchen. No one on the planet has hated their golden oak cabinets or bashed them more than I have!
I didn't know if I could do this renovation without getting rid of the oaky oak oak grainy mess that I have despised all these years (and only those who have lived with it truly know what I'm talking about LOL).
My husband asked me to do this renovation step by step and to give the goaks a chance - and reminded me there's always kilz and a paint brush if I just can't stand them after making other changes.
Well, last week, after 13 years of living with the goaks and white formica countertops and backsplash, we pulled the backsplash down and replaced the countertops with coffee brown granite. Just removing the white laminate made a huge difference - the bright white was making them look even more orange. We replaced the old worn fading brass hardware with oil rubbed bronze cup pulls, knobs, and hinges. Wow, what a difference. We haven't chosen flooring or a backsplash yet, but I can tell you that my kitchen is taking on more of a craftsman vibe - and I can't even believe I'm saying this without having a psychotic episode, but I'm actually beginning to like the warm feel of the kitchen when I enter it.
After having seen the difference that removing the white and adding the warm dark brown of the granite and oil rubbed bronze hardware, I am avoiding cool colors because I don't want to bring out the orange tones in the wood again. We have warm colored dishes and accessories in the breakfast area, so this works with the overall color scheme and I will be able to keep my wall paint colors, which I still love.
So, surprisingly, in the middle of this kitchen reno I am finding that those old golden oak cabinets are growing on me. I am the most surprised person on the planet. Or, maybe I am psychotic ...

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