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I cook mine with tomatoes in the rice cooker. We loved tomatoes and rice and it cooks it perfectly.

How Can I Make Rice from the Rice Cooker More Exciting? Good Questions
4/30/14 01:21 PM

jeffncarolyn does exactly what I would do. I start with just a baking soda rub. If it fails, I add peroxide. If that fails, its an all day soak. Sometimes I cover it in a moist paper towel. I change out the paper towel when it dries. I think it works a lot better when it stays moist. If that fails, I fill up my sink. Toss in a dishwasher tablet. Fill up my sink with boiling water and pray. This last step makes me nervous because it feels harsh and I'm worried the chemicals might damage the finish. But when you are desperate you are desperate.

What is the Best Way to Clean Grease Splatters Off My Enamel Cookware? Good Questions
4/24/14 01:17 PM

One thing I've done that helps a lot is to label my ingredients. I have a note in the lid of my sugar, flour, brown sugar, etc. that states the weight in both oz and grams for 1 cup. Sometimes its hard to find a reliable list of weights for ingredients. The measure to weight tends to vary a lot between websites.

Tipping the Scales: How I Am Training Myself to Use a Kitchen Scale
11/18/13 01:37 PM

My favorite burgers are made with ground turkey and black beans. I then add some basil and mint and a bit of feta. After they cook, top them with tzatziki sauce. Oh, divine.

Have Any Tips or Recipes for Making Meat-and-Veggie Burgers? Good Questions
9/4/13 04:56 PM

I second the grill pan idea. Cast iron pans are also your friend. We spent 2 weeks only using the grill. I made grilled sandwiches, chicken, steaks, eggs, even pancakes on the grill. If you can set aside something like a rice cooker, its a nice addition. Cook some rice, grill some veggies and/or meat. Put it with the rice and you are happy. Think about foil poaching fish too. Foil packets in general are easy to do on the grill.

What Are Some Creative Meals Cooked Entirely on the Grill? Good Questions
8/8/13 04:14 PM

I use my vacuum sealer to make "instant meals". I put soup, sauces, etc. in the bags. Its ok to boil the bags so I'll take them out of the freezer. Drop them into boiling water. They heat up and I eat. Most things are still better fresh, but when I'm in a hurry or don't feel like cooking its much better than junk food.

What Are the Best Foods to Save with My Vacuum Sealer? Good Questions
8/5/13 04:12 PM

The best tip I can give a dog owner is to plan breaks for eating. My dog is a well seasoned traveler but will get a little green if we put her in the car immediately after eating. We now plan 30 minute meals stops for her...and us. We find a little place we can get dinner and she can sit with us (more difficult in the cold, we've sat in the car before). We feed her right after we get out of the car. If she has 30 minutes, all the food stays settled. If not...well, its a mess. I also recommend travelling with a few trash bags and some extra blankets...just in case.

Tips for Feeding Pets on a Road Trip
6/6/13 10:53 AM

Some kind of fruit cider. Maybe something cool like dragon fruit or something.

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5/23/13 02:08 PM

Roasted banana ice cream

Enter to Win a Copy of Bakeless Sweets by Faith Durand! Cookbook Giveaway on The Kitchn
5/9/13 11:20 PM

It depends. Most week nights we are satisfied with a simple protein and steamed vegetables. I can have everything prepped and cooking in 15. On the table in 30. If we have something more involved...casserole, soup, stew, etc etc. its an hour, no matter how little time I promise myself and my husband it will be.

How Long Does It Usually Take You To Make Dinner? Reader Discussion
3/18/13 01:54 PM

My experience with mint is spearmint is what most grocery stores sell as "mint" when you buy it fresh. Peppermint tastes very different. To me, fresh spearmint tastes nothing like spearmint candy. Its different. Its good and fresh tasting.

In most sweet dishes, peppermint oils and extracts are used.

Does \"Mint\" Mean Peppermint or Spearmint? Good Questions
12/6/12 09:11 AM

I use paste all the time. I don't use it in things like chocolate chip cookies, but I use it anywhere I want the bean more visible and bright. I love it in meringues, whipped cream, angel food cake, delicate cookies, pudding, and my favorite, ice cream.

What Can I Make With Vanilla Paste? Good Questions
9/27/12 09:08 AM

The low carb/low glycemic index is good to think of. I've been a diabetic for nearly 30 years. It really is about eating healthy and balanced. I eat a lot of lean meats. I eat a ton of vegetables. I eat carbs but go light on them. High fat foods, especially when combined with carbs, can make your bloodsugar go a bit crazy. Things like pizza are really hard on my body. I make my own to make it leaner. I usually stick to a slice and a side salad. I would really encourage your BIL to keep track of his bloodsugar an hour or two after meals. See how different foods affect him. I don't do well with some weird things. I do fine with pears but terrible with apples. Its a big learning game. He will learn his body and learn how to eat. I eat the same things everyone else eats, I'm just careful about how much of things I know are risky to me.

Ideas for Diabetic-Friendly Meals for the Whole Family? Good Questions
9/5/12 03:36 PM

This isn't really a cleaning tip, but an avoiding cleaning tip. My dishwasher is beside my kitchen sink . I think many are. I store my dish brush in the dishwasher. When I need it, I get it out and use it, then stick it back in. It gets cleaned with every wash.

Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
6/28/12 12:37 PM

I sometimes have a problem with my beets sticking. I found a great tip that helps me. I first wrap my beets in parchment paper. Then wrap the paper in foil. Its a little messier to unwrap, but not bad.

How to Roast Beets in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
6/19/12 01:17 PM

Funny (actually not funny at all), I just did this for a friend. There are these nice foil containers that have foil lids at the store. They are small square containers. I used these and made some chicken pot pies, lasagna, beef stroganoff, mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, vegetable soup (I didn't put the soup in the foil containers), meat loaf, and mashed potatoes. I also put in some marinated chicken breasts and pork tenderloin. Put instructions on how to cook on top that can be ready by a non-cooker in case someone else is heating up food for her. It was a full weekend of cooking, but it was enough food for dinner for 2 weeks. I chose frozen food because so many other brought ready made stuff. I also took over some more of the foil containers for any food brought to her that would freeze well. She has a full freezer right now which gives me peace of mind.

I would highly recommend that you do what you can to make sure all of the meals are "meal sized" and not big dishes. For my friend, anything big made her feel her loss even more sharply. She felt she needed her husband to help share the food. I also chose to minimize the mess with the foil containers because just coping with life is so hard right now. I know its not environmentally friendly, but it is friend friendly.

Ideas for Food-Related Sympathy Gifts?Recipe Questions
3/6/12 04:41 PM

Rice freezes pretty well. Mashed potatoes do too. Not perfect, but good. Mac and Cheese. You may want to ask her what sounds good to her. When my stomach is sick, I crave bread and biscuits (I don't normally eat a lot of bread or greasy things), my brother wants spaghetti and pizza. Everyone is different.

Ideas for Mild & Freezer-Friendly Foods?
Recipe Questions

2/28/12 04:45 PM

My favorite thing was my morning breakfast roll. Eggs and tasty cheese. I'm not sure if it was so good because I was starving or if it was really just good.

What Are Must-Try Australian Foods?
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1/27/12 10:56 AM