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I LOVE this house! It looks very comfortable, stylish and functional. Reading through the comments it looks like I am not alone in my opinion. @very artsmart I am totally confused by your comment. In my opinion this house looks totally pulled together and absolutely qualifies to be on this site, that must be why it is receiving so much great feedback and why AT decided to cover it in the first place. I am also not sure what "fluffing up" even means. Also, I noticed that in the description it says that Rachel is a designer and her sense of design and balance definitely speaks to me and my taste, but maybe that's just me. Out of curiosity, I checked in on some of the other houses you have critiqued and liked....and with all do respect to those other people's homes, I am a bit baffled by what you consider to be "designed" or what "qualifies" to be on this blog. But, we are all entitled to our own opinions and in this day in age everyone has the right an opportunity to feel like they are a design critic.

Rachel & Kevin's Los Feliz Love Shack
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