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Wow, I love the ceiling, too. And the balloons :) This room appears very very very cozy.

Ceiling Stripes for HJ
My Room

1/31/12 10:22 AM

@ yuppiescum - yes, I know that. But for me, cds are something physical what I can hold in my hands in the first place.

And to everyone who doesn't believe that there is any difference in the music quality - just try it: Listen to the same song first on vinyl, then on cd and mp3 - I promise, when you love music you will be shocked how much get lost. We did the same at school.

Anyway, I just came back to this post because I found this great wall console for cds - Hope you like it as much as I do :)

How to Downsize Movie & Music Collections
1/31/12 10:16 AM

These are great pictures! They catched my attention because I want to learn sewing. So I recently searched through the internet to find an used sewing machine, but all I found were vintage Singer sewing machines. There are so many and beautiful ones!
By the way, the dress form reminds me of a lamp I saw, Unfortunately, it fits more to modern furnished homes. It would have been great, If it would have a vintage look. Maybe I will make a lamp like this. I could use Japanese paper or beige fabric as lamp shade. Your pictures are really inspiring :)

Dress Up: Sewing Supplies Double as Decor
1/26/12 10:51 AM

I am really into music and I still buy CDs and vinyl because it's just sad how awful the same song sounds on digital formats.
And I think a great way to handle a large music collection is to hang all CDs on the wall like the picture above shows.

How to Downsize Movie & Music Collections
1/26/12 10:04 AM