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Amen to Cottage David's comment about bad paint jobs! Caulking is a modern invention that forgives so much and sandpaper can work miracles. And as CakeGirl has a strong sense of smell, I am sensitive to the tactile experience; clean smooth surfaces make a difference to sticky and rough.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/25/12 12:57 PM

What a fun project! My favorite things in the apartment are that yummy sofa and that gorgeous moulding on on the fireplace. Are you open to a soft color as a background? I am inspired by the photo of the sun flooding on to the sofa and diffusing it to a soft peachy coral, wondering how that would look on the wall. It seems like taking the color all the way up to the ceiling and also painting that little slice of wall in the hallway would unify the shape of the entire plane. Then paint the fireplace moulding in the same color but glossy. Contrast the classic elements with some wooden shelves. Now you would have a background for some fabulous saturated accents and shiny gold. I think TV's are part of American living, a primary staple that works itself in, should be placed for comfortable viewing. To balance the big black rectangle, perhaps a black framed print on the opposite side would help integrate it into the scene. Can't wait to see the outcome!

Hivemind Designer: What Would You Do With This Wall?
1/25/12 02:45 PM