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I love seeing more Canadian homes. One little bothersome thing just stuck out for me amongst all the goodness. The white stove. Can the white stove be made more discreet?

Will's Toronto Townhouse Revisited
House Tour

2/2/12 12:33 PM

the first thing I'd do is cover up the busy stepped ceiling to simplify the lines of the ceiling, still keeping lots of height. You could inset some alcoves (to take advantage of the deep set space) with lighting to perhaps feature sculpture or art. I don't mind a strong hot colour on the fireplace/bookshelf wall, but I'd put in some chunky reclaimed wood shelves. The white shape over the fireplace has to go. I think the curtains are so subdues for the space. This is where she could bring in the blues and greens. This is a great place, tons of potential.

Hivemind Designer: What Would You Do With This Wall?
1/25/12 01:25 PM