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There is a difference between DIY'ing your own reproduction of designs and making a profit off of someone else's designs.

Retailers Drop Supplier for Stealing Artists' Designs Design News 10.21.13
10/21/13 01:26 PM

Any idea of the quality of Gilt's home collection?

Gilt Expands Home Collection Design News 08.01.13
8/1/13 01:42 PM

Sorry for the snark. I thought this was as well-known a trick as painting walls white.

Instant Update: Naturally Brighten a Space
6/24/13 12:41 PM

Mirrors reflect light? You don't say!

Instant Update: Naturally Brighten a Space
6/24/13 12:34 PM

Of course the one I like is $9000...

Mixing Materials, Merging Styles:
White + Wood

5/15/13 08:41 AM

The Modernica version is apparently more faithful to the Eames design (fiberglass using the original molds and techniques). Herman Miller merely owns the name rights. I would rather have the Modernica version.

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with Dowel-Leg Base
5/14/13 10:54 AM

I have used Gilt Home and they often have nice things. But as with every flash sale site, be sure to check the prices elsewhere before buying. Be sure to include shipping (which can be quite expensive for larger items).

Gilt discounts such as the 20% above usually have a maximum value (typically $50).

Destination Design: Around the World with Gilt Home sales and events
5/13/13 10:57 AM

Tired of the zig zags / chevron.

Mooning Over New Missoni I Saloni 2013
4/11/13 08:16 AM

Keep in mind the Target chairs have a max weight capacity of 250 lbs. That's high enough for most people, but it is a sign of the quality. There is significant flex in the legs when I sit in them (180 lbs).

Shop the Room:
Relaxed Modern Dining Room

4/5/13 10:50 AM

Because if there's one thing the world needs is more chevron...

Budget Style: JC Penney's Design Collaborations
3/6/13 10:06 AM

Are those bent plywood chairs of decent quality?

The Weekend Guide: February 22, 2013 National, Local & Online Sales and Events Calendar
2/22/13 02:30 PM

Love the "Now Panic and Freak Out" pillow

Before & After: Charlotte's Colorful Connecticut Living Room
2/19/13 01:19 PM

I expected to click through and see something that clearly looked DIY (amateur) but was surprised to be proven wrong. Looks great! Good job!

DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Lamp View Along the Way
2/18/13 11:05 AM

Some similar choices to my recent remodel. I have the same cabinets (IKEA, I assume?) and color glass backsplash tile (mine are 1x6" tiles).
Heck, my before cabinets were the same too :)

Nice improvement, although the photo makes it appear a little dark.

Before & After:
A Brooklyn Kitchen Opens Up The Sweeten

2/15/13 11:10 AM

I kind of like the big white circle.

Fill in the Design _________: Pick the Best Lighting for this Dining Room
2/13/13 01:23 PM

I found this at inmod as well

The design is pretty ubiquitous.

What's this Popular Pillowy Sofa Called? Good Questions
2/11/13 04:23 PM

Zuo Carnival Sofa looks similar. I can't speak for the quality, but I do see it all over the internet.

What's this Popular Pillowy Sofa Called? Good Questions
2/11/13 04:21 PM

Looks fantastic! Makes me wish I documented my kitchen remodel better.

Before & After: Joellyn's Grandma Kitsch to Modern Kitchen
2/5/13 11:30 AM

Put it on top of a dead cow!

Ways To Make Granny Couch Look More Masculine? Good Questions
1/2/13 10:26 AM

It looks like someone was raptured in the chair.

Make It Beautiful: Decorating Tips, Ideas & Inspirations Best of 2012
12/28/12 01:17 AM