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As a former Tulsan, I can definitely sympathize with the dearth of stylish rental options (but there are some out there if you know where to look or whom to ask). But yes, as mentioned above, try to focus on the art or furniture and the carpet can (almost) disappear. I also bought a big area rug.

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11/11/08 10:43 AM

100 proof McCormick's worked great to remove paint splatters from my linoleum kitchen floor

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10/13/08 04:44 PM

I had reindeer meet several times when living in Finland: as a steak, shredded as a pizza topping, and in reindeer/potato stew, and all times were quite delicious. I have no problems eating it as a pâté, but this packaging is a little creepy...

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12/15/07 03:04 PM


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12/15/07 02:51 PM

Tulsa, OK - But regardless of where I live, AT:LA still gets read almost daily.

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5/31/07 01:15 PM

I lived in Finland early 2005 (i.e. wintertime). To answer Sarah and Julianna's question on why one must clean the rugs so often during winter: In the winter all the roads, sidewalks, etc are covered in sand (and in places a good deal of mud). Since many people still walk everywhere, sand and dust get on your shoes which invariably gets tracked into your home and all over the floors and rugs (even though it is considered uncouth to not take off your shoes when entering someone's home).

Finnish Cleaning Day
5/21/07 01:34 PM

I love the place. What model are the dining chairs? They look quite similar to the Coco Chair at DWR but they only have them available in red (as far as I know)

#12 - Nathan's Clean Slate
4/27/07 09:26 AM

This is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for but I have to agree with BklynTee, it's a bit on the pricey side.

Sine Glass Shelf/ Towel Bar by Motiv
4/27/07 08:51 AM