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Yeah Houston! Do you still do interior design work? :)

Erin & Jeff's Texas Cool House Tour
6/26/14 09:07 AM

Before I had my boy I was really into keeping his room neutral / modern / chic. Now that he's growing up and as I notice his love of primary colors and all things "childish", I'm starting to love whatever makes him happy.
So as a parent, just be mindful your taste and need may change. Hence expensive items for your kids are probably not the way to go.

Kids Room Style Board: To the Moon and Back
5/9/14 01:24 PM

I have 10 feet ceiling and would love to get long drapes (120"). Any one knows good affordable options at this length? I can only find a very few on etc..

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Curtains & Drapes
8/30/13 12:57 PM

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the owner worked with existing materials instead of ripping everything out to make it glitzy and new!!!!!!!! Looks like a lot of hard work, well done!

Tanja's Smart, Under $7000 Kitchen Renovation
Before & After

5/15/13 09:52 AM

On the Iron Chef competition show, she was.... how should I put this..... not the most creative or best skilled chef imho. Most of her competition dishes were just salads or pasta or a piece of grilled protein with very pedestrian ingredients. I was pretty shocked she won.

Her cookbook sounds just like her cooking style on the show: playing safe and not much personality......

Old-School Comfort Food by Alex Guarnaschelli New Cookbook
5/3/13 04:23 PM

Love this room.
Do you mind sharing the source for 1) the fan with the light fixture and 2) bird duvet cover / pillow sham? Thank you!

Jennifer's Morning Light Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/27/13 04:33 PM

Hate to say it but this preference against mass produced art sounds a little snobby and first world.
Not everyone has the time or money for original art with stories, sometimes you are busy and broke and you happen to like something on sale at Ikea (I'd say that's the majority of the population). Doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness :)

Getting a Fresh Perspective: How I Learned to Love an Eyesore
3/21/13 03:12 PM

The products look fine, but they obviously missed the mark on whom they are advertising too. Most people (young or old) want their house to look warm and inviting. Unique yes, but still homey.
These photos and videos are the opposite of homey, they feel forced, alien, and just so desperate to be cool.....

Erica Tanov & Emily Payne Do Up The House
3/11/13 10:27 AM

Thank you so much for listing all your sources carefully, it's like a curated list of fun etsy stores! Great for helping people like me buy prints :)

Mary Lee's Life in 300 Square Feet House Tour
3/7/13 09:47 AM

Sometimes high cost doesn't mean high quality, and vice versa. I would investigate into the actual materials (some vendors say leather when it's artificial) and design (is it a sturdy frame, etc.).
Plus sometimes the quality vendors may not have eclectic / modern designs the younger generation prefers.......
And some vendors have terrible service, forcing you to go to a different brand...
Purchasing furniture is a bit based on fate, it all depends on how all the stars align right before you put the money down :)

Should You Splurge or Save on a Sofa?
The New York Times

3/6/13 05:14 PM

Agreed, while the after is certainly nice, it's mostly just a much nicer photo.
You can overexpose anything and make it look good, which is why white walls photograph so well for modern homes, but in real life a painted wall with mouldings looks much more polished than a bare white wall.

Before & After: Jenna's Living Room Makeover
3/5/13 10:45 AM

I'm not big on carb or protein. Sure protein fills you up, but vegetables and fruits are much more nutritious than protein. And I'm not going to get into the animal-protein-causes-cancer debate...
Applying this to decorating, sure a nice fancy piece of furniture will last a long time, but it's even better to do the following:
- use what you have, or trade with your friends, or create art;
- downsize: house, furnitures, possession, etc.
- upsize on experiences: pen and paper for drawing, learn to take care of plants, borrow friends' instrument / sports equipment for a fun time, plan a weekend trip to hang out with others...
Eat a few bites of meat is nutritious, eat a 16 oz Kobe steak is usually just first world gluttony imho.

Apartment Therapy on a Low Carb Furniture Diet
2/19/13 02:15 PM

Really appreciate the info, but yeah I also prefer in-person classes. I've done sewing, swimming, and yoga classes, and they've all been so much fun, mostly because I get to interact with like-minded people. I have a technical desk job, so getting to meet creative or physically agile people really help my brain do a switcheroo.
Passion is also a lot more contagious in person, served with a smile :)

The Armchair Student: Learn Something New from Your Living Room
1/10/13 04:51 PM

Why stop at a 100k chicken coop. What about a hip hamster dig: like underwater rooms inside a volcano setting aka Bond villan style? Or a dog palace with a maze garden, swimming pools and a Juliet balcony for some where-are-thou-dog-romeo moments?
Chicken coop.... ppsshh so peasant...

Finally! A $100k Chicken Coop
10/18/12 12:12 PM

Love the out-of-the-box thinking.

Regarding the photo though: as a faithful AT reader, I adore how great photography takes most articles to the next level in terms of artistry and aesthetics. So it's a little sad to see all the recent blurry iphone shots on AT.... I know this is just a blog, I guess I just have elevated expectations from one of the best blogs on design online. Photos don't have to be fancy, but a properly focused shot with a proper sensor, or alternatively a polished product image from the vendor, would speak to the professionalism of the article...

Inspired By: Books as Display Shelves
10/15/12 10:19 AM

Awesome. Love wood and metal.
I have an old glass Ikea coffee table as well, problem is the metal frame itself is super wobbly :(

Before & After: IKEA Granas Table Gets a Rustic Makeover
8/27/12 11:21 AM

Livability is a very subjective thing.
Calgary is beautiful and booming, but it feels like it's eternally in winter...
All the other large cities are wonderful, if you are a young urban type of person. But the density and expensiveness may turn certain people off.
I moved to Houston, certainly a city that may never be on the livability list. But the housing price is half of that of Calgary, and people are warm and jobs are plenty. The city is not a looker, but if you pay attention to it, you'd be amazed at all the greenery and fun and quirky things in the city, so to me, this place is pretty damn livable.

The World's Most Livable Cities The Economist
8/22/12 03:08 PM

Agreed. Texas is so hot that AC is on all year round, and attic fan may not be a good idea in this case because you are sucking the AC air out.

Cool Off With One Easy Trick Real Simple
8/22/12 02:15 PM

Manland: my man stays with me :)
Dogland: my dog also stays with me. If he were to be leashed in this astroturf area, he would:
1. eat the astroturf,
2. eat plastic bowl,
3. get bitten by another dog because he loves licking other dogs' faces annoyingly,
4. whine until people's ears start to bleed,
5. pee and poo and repeat,
6. be really overheated (we live in Houston :) ).

Parking Your Dog (or Your Man?!) at IKEA While You Shop
8/20/12 03:40 PM

Great topic.
Ditto PI, I just became a house owner for the first time, and it gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling when I work on the house, even though most of the house is not to my style yet. It's almost like adding a beloved member to the family, my afterwork routine now consists of walking the dog, cooking for husband AND tending the garden and working on the house.
I never felt this way about all my previous rental apartments...

Why Do We Buy?
The Changing Face of Ownership

8/9/12 04:09 PM