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I had this same problem in one of my past apartments. I pulled out a screwdriver and took the cover off of all the vents in the apartment. I had to scrape off so many layers of paint, it was obvious that no one had taken the vents off in years - perhaps ever. I was so shocked by what I found behind the vents that I took photos and sent them to my boyfriend who was horrified. I pulled out actual chunks of dirt out of the vents! I cleaned them out as much as I could. After that we had far less dust.

Dealing With Big City Grime
9/8/12 12:09 AM

Real canned goods continue to "look good" for years and years...I don't think I've ever seen them look bad? I think the dried goods suggestion is good. Personally, I think authentic stuff looks better than faux...

But if you're really set on the faux... You might consider printing out high quality glossy prints of canned food and attaching the print to the inside of textured mason jars. If there is not a lot of sunlight on the jars, the print should last a while.

Where Can I Find Fake, Decorative Canned Goods? Good Questions
9/8/12 12:01 AM

Bathroom: There really isn't anything that people plug into the bathroom that couldn't be plugged in your bedroom. Blowdryer, curling/flat irons, etc. just require a mirror - not a sink or toilet, etc. A dresser with a mirror will do. If you have an electric toothbrush or razor, make sure they have good batteries and you can charge those wherever.

Kitchen: is it small? Is it close to a dining/living area that has outlets? If so, you can add a bar/island/counter space in a nearby room and use it as an extension of the kitchen.

And if your neighbors are friendly, ask them what they did!

Help! No Outlets in Kitchen or Bathroom Good Questions
8/23/12 04:16 PM

I have never tried to wash my dog in the sink...but she's a 40lb boxer who HATES water. We put her in the shower with one of us, while the other holds the shower door closed so she can't escape. It takes about 10 minutes to wash, rinse, and dry with a towel.

5 in 15: Five Spring Cleaning Chores To Conquer in Fifteen Minutes
5/9/12 08:06 PM

If you're not in the area, you could do some internet research for restaurants that deliver in the family's area, and make them a little "delivery" book you can mail them, so if they don't have food and don't want to go out, they can order in. You could also check with them to see if they have enough fridge/freezer space, tupperware, etc. If they don't have enough, you can order some for them online and have it shipped to them.

The New Baby Taco Box
3/23/12 11:27 AM

I was lucky in that my studio was about double that size and it was just me, so I had a full sized bed, and I brought along my childhood smaller-than-a-twin bed to use as my "couch" that also served as a guest bed from time to time.

If I had to do it again, in 400 sq feet with a second person and more money and less furniture coming in, then I'd definitely go for the loft style bed and then put a pull out sofa underneath.

The reason why is because having to expend much effort to pull out your bed will often result in just leaving it out whenever you don't have guests coming over. It's easy to use a bed as a couch, when there's no one else around. So with a loft style bed, you can keep your bed "out" the whole time, and when your guests come over, they won't be tempted to sit on it.

Then you have room for a couch underneath. I suggest a pull out couch just because you may end up with guests. Trust me, you tell them you live in a studio, and some people respond with "Oh, just give me a place on the floor!" So this way, you don't end up feeling like a bad host. I don't suggest sleeping on a sofa bed long term because I ended up having to do that for 6 months when I was in high school, and it was so uncomfortable and miserable that after a while, I stopped pulling it out and just slept on the couch as a couch.

Regular, Daybed or Sofabed for Studio?
Good Questions

2/16/12 12:11 PM

I picked out and ordered mine through DeviantArt.com.

Cool Wall Calendar with Room For Writing?
Good Questions

1/30/12 12:11 PM

Don't get rid of your books! I used to live in a studio with my hundreds of books. At the time, I had 5 bookcases. It's hard to explain what I did in words, but I will try. Basically, I created a partial wall out of the bookcases that divided up the "living room/dining area from the "bedroom." I put 4 bookcases back to back with their sides to the wall. I then put the fifth bookcase facing out from the side of the 4. The bookcases were deep enough they also served as my "bedside table" where I could set my nighttime glass of water. Everyone who saw it thought it was genius and loved it.

A Bookworm's Dilemma: Ditch Books When Downsizing?
1/24/12 01:36 PM