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I live in a teeny apartment, and completely sympathize with you.

I used to work in book publishing and love books. I also love my friends and family, so I combined both into a book-friendly solution!

Now, when my shelves are overflowing, I give away a few books that I enjoyed, but that I've "outgrown", and that I think someone else will enjoy just as much. I'm not arbitrary, I do try to specifically pair the books/friends-family members based on their interests/needs at the time.

It gives you a chance to share your passions with those you love. I don't know how far you are moving, but if it's far (or if you don't see the person as often as you would like), it gives you a chance to be close, even if you are far away. Even if they never read it, it will always be a sweet reminder of you!

A Bookworm's Dilemma: Ditch Books When Downsizing?
1/24/12 01:30 PM