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Thanks. '-)

A Work-From-Home Mini Manifesto
3/21/13 08:11 PM

Where can I find a desk like the one in the photo?

A Work-From-Home Mini Manifesto
3/21/13 12:30 PM


Reader Survey: How Often Do You Use Your iPad?
2/13/12 01:55 PM

I don't always listen carefully to my GPS, so I call her Cassandra after the Trojan priestess who was cursed to speak the truth and never be believed.

The Complete Guide to Naming Your GPS Unit
6/7/11 09:59 AM

Back when I worked nights, I covered my large bedroom window with white paper from a art store, then aluminum foil over that. Might be too dark for your needs, and it can't be removed and reapplied easily so you lose the view as well as he light.

Failing that, heavy curtains.

Suggestions To Keep Light Out?
Good Question

2/2/11 03:57 PM

Nerdtastic, Santa Monica will get down to 45º tonight, and that's about normal for this time of year. If it were me, I'd want to have the heater on. '-)

Cover Wall Heater With Shelves
1/7/11 10:36 PM

Oh, I wish I hadn't tossed my mirror garland 2 moves ago. Do want.

Winter Sparkle Mirror Garland & White Lights
12/9/10 11:27 AM

If the emails were more concise, I'd use it more often. Just, "clear off your nightstand" is sufficient. I don't need to read a story about it, or a pat on the head. It's too cutesy.

Fly Lady: Love It or Hate It?
9/27/10 09:31 AM

I usually use a letter opener and never look inside. But if I did, I'd think it was awesome to find this.

Make Your Own Snail Mail Google Earth Envelopes
9/14/10 07:02 PM

Clorox Bleach Pen. It may take multiple applications, but it's always worked well for me.

4 Cleaners, 1 Success Story: Getting Tile Grout Clean | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/29/10 11:37 PM

I love this.

Small Cool 2010: Beth's Lofted Studio Tiny Division # 9 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/9/10 02:57 PM

Okay, apparently this is not a joke, judging by the link in the article. Still, I prefer the before.

Before After: The Monet Mural Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/31/10 03:29 PM

Shenanigans. Is this an April Fools joke? The 'before' is much nicer. The after looks sort of cold, even a tad grimy to me. :-/

Before After: The Monet Mural Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
3/31/10 03:22 PM

Yup, they don't stay hot, and they're very heavy. That's a lot of weight per square inch on your floor, so plan accordingly!

Choosing a Clawfoot Tub | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/18/10 04:05 PM

I would have guessed it was the personal quarters of a monk or a nun.

Guess What Kind of Living Space This Is? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/2/10 10:26 PM

Imagine my surprise to see one of my Small/Cool pics above #8!

Bittersweet, considering I sold everything in the picture (except the trunk!) and am now living with my parents.


10 Tips For Living With Mom and Dad Again | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/1/09 08:12 PM

The name of the show is "Sex *and* the City".

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 10 Best Inspiring TV Show Decor
6/27/08 07:54 PM

Thank you, Jean! I'm very surprised!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Cool 2008: Jean Aw's Honorable Mention
5/12/08 02:23 PM

I'm with you on debranding the bathroom, but have a hard time finding bottles I like -- and I work at the Container Store.

Apartment Therapy New York | Debranded Home Bathroom Labels
5/7/08 01:11 PM

If it had a full bath and kitchenette, it'd be perfect!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Architect Designed Shed Converted Into Living Space for Teenager
5/5/08 10:47 AM