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Thank you all so much! I actually JUST realized that this got published and found it while Googling my own question - oops :)

How To Refinish Vintage Furniture
Metal Leg Caps? Good Questions

12/8/13 11:35 AM

My living room is a very similar, if not the exact same, color - Still Water from Sherwin Williams.

Kelly's \"Deep Teal with a Funky Vintage Vibe\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/3/13 02:50 PM

Don't forget departure tax! Depending on where you're leaving, there's usually a small (or not so small) tax at the airport, and some countries will only accept cash in local currency.

9 Vacation Expenses to Estimate Before Leaving Home
7/31/13 01:26 PM

I got a great Seth Thomas starburst wall clock at a flea market for $12 and a mint Hudson Bay 4-point for $65. Each go for about $200-$300 on eBay.

You Paid WHAT for That? More Stories of Amazing Secondhand Finds
7/25/13 01:03 PM

Love this post! While I love minimalist, Scandanavian design in theory, I seem to have trouble living in it. It's nice to see a few painted walls and colorful pieces for inspiration.

Eclectic Collector Artwork & Accessories Photos for Your Inspiration Boards Apartment Therapy Decor Styles
6/11/13 12:24 PM

Also, if AliceLost is looking to take a second wife - the promise of dinners of bread, cheese, olives, and beer has convinced me to be open to it. Call me, Alice.

My Pantry Essentials: 5 Staples When Cooking for Two
2/16/12 02:28 PM

My pantry sounds a lot like Nicole's. There are always black and white beans, good vegetable stock, soba noodles, garlic, and some sort of fresh herb in the fridge. It's amazing what a fresh herb can do for almost any dish! Fresh spinach is another one - it doesn't last all that long, but it can go in literally anything.

My Pantry Essentials: 5 Staples When Cooking for Two
2/16/12 02:26 PM

Vegetarian (or vegan, depending on the audience) "sausage" gravy with biscuits. It's usually my gift to hosts when I visit (it's actually really good, I swear!) so it's much more convenient to keep it in my brain versus on paper. Unfortunately, it makes sharing the recipe pretty ridiculous. "Uhh, then you add some milk and stuff... you know, just until it looks right..."

And @eveningshift - that bread sounds awesome! Would love to have the recipe.

Which Recipes Do You Know By Heart?
1/23/12 02:21 PM