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Have you tried IKEA they have fabric panels you can either hang with their hardware or what I have done in my room is used spray adhesive and put them on the windows themselves it helps with the privacy issue and a little with the insulation. They look wonderful.

Drapes for HUGE Windows?
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1/23/12 02:12 AM

you could use these cards in a variety of ways: purchase some precut birch wood in 12x12 and make compartments the size of the cards and use them as backing in the compartments and add favorite shells, theater ticket stubs, pictures, etc. you could make mini scrapbooks using key rings or spiral binding, use them in similar color groups and make a triptic wall hanging, use them for wall borders, make coasters by decopage on tiles.,

Decor Ideas for Pantone Postcards?
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1/23/12 02:01 AM