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My husband and I bought a high end (over $3000), Serta pillowtop mattress 7 years ago. After only 6 months, the mattress began to sag on both sides where we slept. If I tried to move over in the bed, I always felt like I had to 'roll up' and out of the hole, only to 'fall back into it'. It drove me more nuts than him, but he could feel it too. We are both under 150 pounds. After 3 years, we had had enough and called The Brick. They sent a technician out and luckily for us, the bed was measured to be 1.5 inches deep in the divot (the depth required to deem the mattress faulty.) The mattress was replaced with the same quality set. Low and behold, only 1 month later, I could feel the new mattress failing. I put it off for as long as I could, but after 2 years, I had the technician come out. "It's only sagging 1 1/4 inches" he said. "Not enough for the warranty to kick in." I put up with it for another year and called him back again. Still only the 1 1/4 inches. Funny how they measure the divot WITHOUT a person lying on the bed!!! I told him that if I got ON the bed, it would probably sink 6 inches!!! Regardless, I got no warranty coverage this time. My advise to anyone who asks..........DO NOT BUY PILLOW TOP MATTRESSES!!!!!!!! They are like sleeping on a cloud....for the first 2-3 weeks, then the failure of the mattress will become evident. We are now stuck with a 4 year old mattress set, worth more than some people's CARS, and every day I wake up with a sore back. (Works well for the makers of Advil.) It's pretty sad when you look forward to your husband getting out of bed in the morning so that you can slip into the middle of the bed where it's not sagging as much!! My next mattress (which I have to buy SOON), will be a firm, coil mattress with a good quality memory foam topper.

How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress
1/22/12 10:56 PM