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Sarah - Thanks for your response. I wish it were true that everyone is doing their part in one way or another and that less eco methods aren't 'wrong for someone else.' The sad truth is that we all share our larger home - a planet with finite resources, so your choices affect us all. It is so easy to make changes like using rags and less toxic cleansers and I think it does make a difference. It makes me sad to see AT, which fronts as being pretty conscientious, advocate such irresponsible and selfish choices - at this point Martha Stewart is more green.

Keeping Your Bathroom "Company Clean" In 5 Minutes A Day
1/23/12 09:22 AM

Awesome! Totally use those single-use wipes, even better if they're loaded with chemicals and bleach. AT - why bother with "green" posts when your underlying message seems to be: F*** the planet - everything is cool as long as your house is clean and "sanitary." This reminds me of the post about taking your garbage out daily.

Keeping Your Bathroom "Company Clean" In 5 Minutes A Day
1/22/12 01:18 PM