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Paris and NY had theirs on Oct 1st, too. Is there any city that holds an all-night arts fest late October or November? I'm willing to travel. These events have turned into my favourite night of the year!

I want MORE!!!


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10/5/11 11:26 PM

No sympathy.

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12/14/10 07:31 PM

Use a grout sealer with whitener for the tiles.

1. Clean the tiles with Fantastic. It works great on grease and there's probably a lot of it in the kitchen. I'd also use Tilex afterwards to ensure there's no mould.

2. Apply the grout whitener liberally and don't worry about getting it on the tile.

3. Let it dry a bit according to the instructions.

4. While semi-dry, carefully wipe the whitener off the tile, but leave it on the grout. Ensure that you do this before it completely cures while it's easy to wipe off.

The stuff dries really hard and it's water proof. Despite three people taking showers daily, the whitener on my bathroom tiles has lasted over two years. You can also use a dye if you don't want white.

It's as tedious as cleaning them with a toothbrush, but the results would be worth it.

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4/15/08 01:11 AM

What about a color correction filter? They sell them online, and at theatrical supply stores. Rosco has quite a few options for fluorescent lighting:

Cut what you need, shape it to the fixture, and sell the rest on Craigslist.

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4/15/08 12:24 AM