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I'm a New Yorker that now lives in the south of France, I have an 9 month old and I go to Paris often. Here are my tips. If your children need the potty I recommend finding the nearest Starbucks or a Brichoe Doree (like a Starbucks but cheaper). Do get the cheap umbrella stroller and I recommend if you can,close it when entering the Metro, there aren't many escalators or elevators (you will spend 10 min finding one that works) and rush hour is probably worse than NYC. Prepare yourself to find out how Parisian women are so thin, its all those stairs they go up and down to get to the metro! Wear cute flats if you want to get around stylish. The great thing about the French, they are super kind and very accommodating when dining with kids unless you are dining at Michelin Star restaurant I wouldn't worry about a thing. If traveling by the TGV to get to Provence take the 1st class tickets its 10-15 euros more than 2nd class but the seats are bigger and more comfortable. If I think of anything else I will write again. Good Luck and Have fun!!

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4/24/12 04:16 PM