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Not sure about I ordered from and love my lamp. I was told that Modsage only sell the square tube version. Also, I know the Modsage lampshade reach down and go higher than the original and other reproductions since I called them about it before. Their customer service reps were very helpful and knowledgeable about the product, so just call them.

Be very careful with where you choose to buy your product! Don't just choose the lowest price. There is a lot of false advertising related to this product. My cousin bought this lamp online after he saw mine. He never asked me where I got it and thought that it's all the same online. It was shipped to him broken a FEW times! What's worse is that even if the company says free shipping, all of them charges the shipping fee if the item is returned, some even charges restocking fee. Not to mention that some companies uses the Flos original picture. When I bought mine and did my research, I remember seeing some website having a round tube version for their main picture while the "other views" picture shows a square tube! These dishonest companies also change their company names and websites after bad reviews are written. The situation is just aggravating!

Anyway, I just feel lucky that my purchase came out fine and wish others won't fall into these traps that my cousin did...

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11/11/09 06:31 PM

I have the same experience. I nearly ordered one from a FEW online stores with the lowest price but later on find out that many of them might even use a photo of the lamp with rectangular stem but sell the ones with round stem!!

Thanks to this webpage, I know what to pay attention to and found one from selling it for $490.50! It is the lowest price I could found with shipping included. Most importantly, the quality is good and the lamp has the rectangular stem, stainless steel finish and a foot dimmer.

Can't be happier since I received it in about a week and can't tell the different between mine as compared to my friend's original Flos version. They also have return and warranty policy for the lamp. Hopefully I don't need to use the warranty policy...

Anyway - just want to remind people that they should look at the price combined with shipping and the stem shape if they want a very close replica.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Deal: Arco Lamp by Castiglioni
4/15/08 01:36 AM

It depends how you look at it. Some people see buying a reproduction very off from the original as being cheated. Even though I prefer owning the original design - not eveyone can afford it. I am proud to have recently buy an arco lamp that is not just true to the original, but the quality and proportion is great. It also comes with a dimmer and the rectangular stem. Mine is below $500 inclusive of warranty and shipping. The arco lamp is a 60s design with probably an expired patent. I definitely feel better getting a close to original then one that looks like an obviously fake knockoff with a price similar to the one I got.

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4/14/08 10:52 PM

Great idea you have there but when it comes to altering metal, make sure protect your eyes with some goggles when you use electronic tools/saws.

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4/14/08 10:37 PM