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Great for readers that are in the market to buy, but would have liked to know more about options for folks that already have homes and are looking to upgrade. It will probably be another couple of years in our market before we can sell our home and our tiny kitchen needs a reno before we sell.

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2/25/13 10:38 AM

Thanks everyone for the comments to my question... I ended up going with fresh zucchini bread, beer peanut brittle, his favorite hot sauce, local beef jerky, and a brownie scented candle (if you can't have sweets, doesn't mean the house can't smell great!). I appreciate the inputs! :)

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4/7/12 10:47 AM

Made this for the first time tonight. I'm waiting in anticipation in front of my oven. :) It smells sooooo good!

Easy Dessert Recipe: Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Skillet Blondies
2/25/12 06:47 PM

I love to see how others have worked with smaller kitchens. My house was built in the 1940s and my current kitchen is smaller than the one I had in my last apartment! Thanks for sharing your use of space - can't wait to use some of the ideas myself.

Cooking in a 5'x7' Kitchen
Small Kitchen Inspiration

2/24/12 02:12 PM