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I would like to try and make this recipe. I am concerned about parasites that might be in the fresh salmon though. There was a comment saying to do this 3 or 4 days instead of 5 days. Not sure what is best. My main concern is does doing this kill parasites that might be live in the fish. I do know freezing the fish first kills the parasites. I have tried to freeze salmon and was never happy with the taste after freezing it, I do not know why. The cruise ships freeze all there fish first. I think they have a fast freeze area though and that might be the reason there fish tastes fresh. I get my salmon at a superstore of the chains that you have to buy in bulk. It is to much fish for 2 meals with my small family. So seeing this recipe was interesting. This would be great to do with the extra salmon. I am afraid to do this though. Any idea to address this issue would be great. Also I do have some advise regarding this recipe. I have made an indoor smoker using small special wood chips, it is kind of flakes special for indoor smokers. I use my wok and put alittle of these flakes on the bottom and use something on top like a rack for meat etc. but i can also use a foil pie dish with holes in it and smoke my own salt which is great. You can use this for this cured lox recipe. I do sometimes smoke salmon also. Corn on the cob is great smoked on a open rack in my home smoker above the wood chips. i cover my wok with foil. does smell smoky, i like it in the winter indoors. Anyway if someone has information regarding my comment on this issue that i am concerned about would you please respond. thanks

How To Salt Cure Lox At Home For Less
1/20/12 08:26 PM