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Strippable, paintable wallpaper on that endwall, painted an intense color, with a large framed print hung there. When you leave, the wallpaper just peels off. Yes to the floor runner and cozier lighting...Hide the cereal boxes unless you consider them art.

Ideas to Help Make This Kitchen Amazing?
Good Questions

1/20/12 07:20 AM

I have no doubt that the designers quoted in Elle Decor are, themselves, indulging in "new" decorating ideas that will make this list in a few years. Books lined up by color: works for those of us who ALWAYS remember what color the book is. MCM: some of it is/was pretty good stuff and a few reminders of days gone by make interesting additions to rooms DIY: turning a cast-off into a treasure is bad? As for granite..I'm over it, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the fact that it's loved by many. I'm just sick of those househunting idiots on HGTV who think a granite countertop and SS appliances are THE hallmark of high-end kitchens. Over-exposure has made them pretty mundane. (Yes, the granite, the appliances AND the idiots.)

Been There, Done That: Designers Weigh In On "Worst Trends"
Elle Decor

1/20/12 07:10 AM