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dont forget about growing things like cucumbers and cantaloupes vertically up trellises. i agree with the grow what you eat mantra. also what does/doesnt do well in your own climate

The Most Profitable Plants for Your Garden
7/20/12 12:55 PM

quality/right find is worth waiting for - as long as you have something to use in the interim. i spent 8 months searching for the perfect sofa, which now (13 years later) needs to be recovered. most of my furniture has been inherited from family members, so when i find something i really really love enough to replace another piece full of memories with I likely buy it.

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7/20/12 12:49 PM

dont forget to clean ther perishables out of the fridge

Come Home to a Clean House: Chores to Do Before You Travel
7/20/12 12:29 PM

DC area folks, please share your contacts. for fabric, discount fabrics usa in Thurmont MD has great prices, and their remnant prices cant be beat - though often bolts of fabric are very short, however they may have 4 short rolls. yi fabric on parklawn in rockvill also has gorgeous stuff, but not as affordable as Thurmont, it is much closer in.

Case Studies of Real Life Upholstery Jobs: What Do People Really Pay?
7/19/12 04:29 PM

lemon grass is another good planting, plus it is good for cooking. Fans are good, screen porches and bed nets [if you cant put up a screen porch, plus with a tall pole they're portable. i'm mosquito fodder myself, so these are my tips, no science involved..

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7/19/12 04:14 PM

fans can make a space feel 8 deg cooler than they really are. get a dehuidifier - preferably one with a hose that you can run to a drain. Not only does it make space feel cooler, it is cheaper to cool dry air.

How To Calculate How Much AC Power You Need
7/19/12 04:03 PM

to the person with the bedbug phobia, dryer at 140 degrees will kill them. if you dont want to do dryer, put in black plastic bag and leave in the sun for a week. i buy most of my clothes from consignment/2nd hand and do clothing swaps with friends. we help each other with alterations etc. things not nice enough to be donated are used for rags, art, or whatever. communal closet with your friends can be a great way to go. same with accessories, books, housewares, etc. why spend the money or take up the space? the less stuff you have the less space you need leaving more $$ for things like retirement, vacations or wherever your priorities lie.

The True Price of Cheap Clothes Slate
7/19/12 03:58 PM

I've done a bunch of old houses in the last 17 years. wait until you've got a really good picture of what your house needs [pricey invisible things like wiring and plumbing inside the walls] before you spend money on aesthetics. paint the kitchen, go with something fun and outlandish, because someday you will end up doing the kitchen in a more long term format. congratulations and good luck

Minimize Paneled Look in Old Cabinet Doors? Good Questions
7/19/12 03:40 PM

reminds me of casa el perico on rio dulce in guatemala, only better. one thing i love about foreign countries - lack of pesky zoning violations. the gorgeous things that can be built without them.

Finca Bellavista: A Community of Amazing Treetop Homes in Costa Rica
7/19/12 03:16 PM

i store my spices, dry goods, canned stuff etc. by cuisine [thai, italian, middle eastern etc]. During a remodel, the washer went in the bathroom, so that is our laundry basket. i keep a basket by the front door of the things i need to take with me. minor first aid stuff is kept in the tool chest [and bandaids in my tool belt]. i use change for parking meters - including pennies. you usually dont get credit for them, but it keeps them from piling up. once a year i guy my husband a dozen of each kind of socks so we dont have to match them up, just keep two shoeboxes in the drawer. old dryer sheets are good for dusting. seasonal storage goes into oversize ziploc storage bags with dryer sheets so they dont smell bad when you unpack them. I try to keep my small tools & parts separated in buckets labeled by need [plumbing, electric, tile, etc.]

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7/10/12 05:35 PM

what are sources? I'd love to buy dervish or ribbon, where do we get them?!

Ceiling Fans in Disguise
7/1/12 04:15 PM

Wow! so lucky that you have very obviously found your calling in life at such an early age. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff - perhaps a full tour? [not so subtle hint there AT folks]

Josh's Recent Graduate Style on a Budget House Call
6/25/12 06:54 PM

lgark [or other DC denizens] - please share contact info. I have a wonderful sofa that needs recovering,only 12 years old, the bones are fine, the cat just shredded one corner all the way down to wood. I'll try G street but have always found them overpriced and would rather pay a person.

Case Studies of Real Life Upholstery Jobs: What Do People Really Pay?
6/20/12 03:27 PM

stuff that is hard to clean. wall to wall carpet. anything that has no purpose but to collect dust. pink/turquise bath tile. stainless appliances. overly filled rooms. personally i loathe the overstuffed sofas with built in cup holder, but it that is your thing, and your house, go for it. i used to hate those sea grass rugs, but once i painted the one i had to match the walls it made the room look huge. plus when it gets dirty I can slap more paint on it.

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/20/12 03:03 PM

living in the city, we put anything we dont want on the stoop with a 'free' sign. almost always gone by end of day. we try to purge regularly, but still have more stuff than I'd like.

besides homeless shelters & food pantries for most of your donation needs, old sheets, towels & blankets are much wanted at animal rescue places.

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
6/8/12 10:30 AM

i have had wonderful luck with evening primrose - it is considered an invasive, but anything that survives the extreme conditions of my yard [washington, dc, 13 x 17 south facing city lot]ets my vote. also, iris do very well in clay, and spread via root not seed. any other ideas for mid atlantic?

5 Favorite Self Seeding Plants The Gardenist
6/8/12 10:21 AM

my step dad made one from a coffin gurney he scavenged from a funeral home that closed down. it looks & works great

DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table
6/4/12 03:32 PM

if you are in touch with your neighbors, do a plant swap, or ask for the stuff they thin out - it is ok to start with a friendly note dropped of in their mailbox - most gardeners like to share. if it grows well enough to spread in their yard, it will likely do the same in yours.

5 Fear-Conquering Tips For First Time Gardeners
6/4/12 02:49 PM

i like the mixed media approach, and adore that integrated dishwasher. do I see a second oven? this looks like a cooks kitchen, designed for the way they live, cook, etc. not something for the aspirational glossies. very nice to see - I'd like more in this genre, with more backstory about evolution of the buildout. May you enjoy many years of good use in the heart of your home.

Before & After: A Brooklyn Kitchen Remodel WREN handmade
6/2/12 09:51 AM

I love your story! I would say that very few home improvement projects go according to plan. My first disaster [1995] was when i decided to steal some space from an adjacent bedroom for the tiny bathroom in our turn of the century house. opened up the walls to find a mix of knob and tube wiring, hemp wrapped wiring and lamp wiring all spliced together feeding the bathroom. oh yeah, and a lot of soot. grandiose plans led to a gut job that ended up taking 3 years to build back out. I got the bug and ended up flipping & eventually holding old houses. There are still disasters from time to time, but at least now I expect them. my advice is to plan like hell, count on the "OFF" [Oh, F' Factor], have a back up number for a professional ready and get your tetanus shots. have fun & get dirty

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5/29/12 12:02 PM