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I had open shelving in my first home, before we renovated the kitchen and replaced them with glass front cabinets. I have always had all white dishes so matching wasn't an issue, and I have always kept my cupboards neat so that wasn't an issue either. What was an issue was dust. And since the shelves were flanking my stove, it was sticky dust. Items used every day, like dinner and salad plates and drinking glasses weren't as much of an issue. But other things like mixing bowls or maybe pasta bowls would get a sticky dusty film on them that I'd have to wash off every time before use. Super annoying.
If you want the look, I'd suggest glass front cabinets with maybe one section as open shelving, in a corner looks nice. Otherwise I think it's too much hassle.

How To Know if You're Ready for Open Kitchen Shelving
1/19/12 02:22 PM