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LOVE THIS! Beautiful and ingenious use of space.

Brian's Off the Grid Home Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 10:54 PM

I LOVE the knotted yarn pillow from Target and it comes in such great colors. Also on sale right now, even cheaper than $24.99. Target online has some great items not sold in stores. Sometimes I just forget to look. Thanks for the great post.

The Look for Less: Isabelle's Reading Nook on a Budget
5/27/14 12:22 PM

Lots of style now. Love it. I typically hate tray ceilings but am loving this in the navy.

Before & After: Builder-Grade Basics Get Beautiful
5/27/14 11:45 AM

We installed a white Viking last year and everyone goes crazy over it. Stainless has had a long run and will always be fine, but when someone says granite and stainless steel, I cringe. Really good choice for your place.

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 09:58 AM

I always hate when people spend all their time, money and creativity on themselves and then leave their kids room with whatever. I value my children so why should their furnishings not be of the same caliber as the rest of the house? I can hear it now from the AT haters, "kids ruin everything." Not if they're taught to respect their things, including their furniture from a very young age. Love this post and the colorful chairs.

Mini Modern: 9 Classic Children's Chairs
4/30/14 10:04 PM

Gorgeous flat. I would take the lack of storage for some of the beautiful elements, Thanks for sharing.

My Small Home: Claire's Small Space Solutions
4/23/14 08:47 PM

I personally love vignette's and these are gorgeous. I love getting to really study the small details that make a space so special. I don't need to see how she walks down the hall to her bedroom or where the kitchen is in relation to anything else. That won't give me any ideas or inspiration at all. But the palest pink Le Creusset? I need it!

Isabelle's Top Floor Flat in London House Tour
4/21/14 05:11 PM

Love me some color! Great post.

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration: Colorful Cabinets
4/4/14 09:04 PM

That's funny sally305. I looked at the post and thought "what a gorgeous chair!" It might not be a comfy as a lazy boy but I'd make sure the seat was upholstered well and happily sit in it!

Tips & Tricks: How To Spot Clean Upholstery Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/27/14 12:31 PM

Wow! As someone who hates to see a "good" chair go to waste, this is an awesome job!

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/20/14 04:46 PM

Seriously, no one in 2014 could like the before better. Love your transformation. Wishing my dad was a carpenter!

Before & After: A 70s Era Bar Becomes Something Surprising
3/19/14 10:25 AM

Viking makes an awesome downdraft. No hitting your head on the corners of a bulky hood. Guessing that's what's in this kitchen, Brian.

Before & After: An 80s Contemporary Kitchen Gets an Update
2/26/14 08:25 PM

Obviously these homeowners have a sense of humor. Love the utensils, Love the cow head with the milk and cookies underneath, Love the I heart carbs. And I'm dying over the breakfast nook. Nobody seems to have paid much attention here but it's drop dead gorgeous.

Before & After: An 80s Contemporary Kitchen Gets an Update
2/26/14 04:18 PM

LOVE the pink sewing machine. I don't sew but might need this for my craft area!

DIY Tools to Live By: Best Crafting Basics
2/13/14 01:22 PM

The anonymity of the internet always seems to bring out the nastiness of AT commenters, so I typically don't read them. Should not have broken my own rule here. That said, I LOVED the ideas here. After years of being forced to humor the kids and carve, I'm painting this year for sure and probably borrowing some of these great ideas!

The Un-Carved Pumpkin
10/14/13 11:29 AM

With the cost of custom pillows, learning to sew is such a great idea!

Sewing Skills: Online Pillow Tutorials
7/17/13 03:31 PM

How about Claire Bock who writes for AT? Have you seen her amazing portfolio on Claire Bock Design. Gorgeous!

Who Are The Most Interesting & Important Young British Designers Right Now??? Reader Survey
6/25/13 06:58 PM

Love these. Sometimes the smallest improvements are huge!

Before & After: My Teeny Tiny English Balcony Upgrade
5/29/13 11:54 AM

By "more feminine" garden tools, I'm sure they mean the grip is smaller and more comfortable for the typical woman's hand. Sort of like tennis rackets. Women typically have a smaller grip so use a smaller grip size tennis racket. Why are AT commenters so cranky?

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Monograms
5/9/13 06:32 PM

Loving the hardware and the hello on number 4!

Curb Appeal: Cottage Style Front Doors
4/25/13 02:05 PM