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burcu at almostturkish has an entire blugur section to peruse: http://almostturkishrecipes.blogspot.com/2008/05/bulgur-recipes.html

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4/15/09 11:50 AM

i received a set as a gift and loved them so much i purchased a spare. i really like them, and they hold up very well.

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1/14/09 01:06 PM

yes please! this would be much appreciated.

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7/18/08 04:26 AM

i love it! its very crafty and i love that it is a pass-along item. i am sure the next family that you pass this item along to will be very grateful!

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7/8/08 11:15 AM

i have been making my own yogurt for a few years now and i love it. i use the eurocuisine pictured above, and i often use yogurt starter. i have found that the higher the fat content, the firmer and thicker the yogurt. my mixture is usually 4 cups whole milk and 1 cup half & half or heavy cream. heavy cream gives you that nice layer of thick cream on top, which is delicious. i heat my milk to almost boiling, then let it cool, mix in the yogurt or the starter, then i incubate for around 8 hours. its fantastic, you should definitely do it.

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4/14/08 03:16 PM