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Audiobooks make my one hour commute go faster and like others, sometimes I end up in the driveway just sitting and listening! I really love Jenna Lamia's narrations for The Secret Life of Bees and The Help. The Thirteenth Tale was a recent good listen.

The Best Narrated Audio Books
3/13/12 12:15 AM

Although not a vegetarian, eighty percent of our meals are. When our family and friends get together there are always considerations for our vegetarians, wheat intolerant, lactose intolerant, and food allergy members. It's just the norm and we've never had any issues. But, it did take awhile to teach my mom that anything cooked in chicken stock is not vegetarian. She was convinced that anything without meat chunks was vegetarian!

When Being Vegetarian (or Vegan) Gets in the Way of Family
Gilt Taste

1/25/12 03:13 PM

I keep recipes on the computer but I also print the ones I love and stick them into a binder in a plastic sleeve. In my binder, I also have photo sleeves that hold precious recipe cards. They not only hold great recipes, but hand written loving memories of the women in my family. Bits of other things have made their way into these binders - pictures, notes and little doodads. They've turned into kitchen memory books!

Recipe Cards: Useful or Outdated?
1/18/12 06:48 PM