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So many have commented on electric kettles taking up counter space. I thought Americans generally have HUGE kitchens? If you can fit in one of those enormous fridges surely there's room for a little kettle. And they do last quite a while. I've recently replaced ours as my husband managed to break it, but it had lasted almost four years, and our water in the south of England is very hard. I just cleaned and descaled it regularly.

We also have reusable canvas shopping bags. Some supermarkets charge for plastic carrier bags now.

Cultural Exchange: Lessons to Learn from Australian Homes
1/28/12 06:02 PM

I have to agree with anusha, these things are all British. I live in England but lived in Australia as a child. I am amazed that you find these unusual.
I don't know a single person without an electric kettle or tea towels. How do you dry your hands or wet dishes? And tea made in the microwave?! Seriously?? We don't really have water shortages but most toilets have the dual flushes you mentioned, unless they're old. You can buy food covers in any kitchen shop. And I don't believe I know anybody who solely dries clothes in a tumble dryer. Awnings are less common in homes but commonplace in cafes and restaurants.
I'm puzzled, is America really so un-environmentally friendly that these basics are something of a surprise?

Cultural Exchange: Lessons to Learn from Australian Homes
1/18/12 05:30 PM