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Greetings from Oz! I live in a temperate area, and renovated my townhouse with existing ducted gas heating (grd flr only) a few yrs ago. The best part of the renovation was making a sml room, about the size of a toilet closet, with louvre doors & a heating vent in the rear of the space, next to the laundry. I use this sml rm (my drying room) to dry my clothes (it also humidifies the air in winter) on a mobile clothes hanger,(rail for hanging items with flat shelf under, purchased from Howards Storage World) which i then wheel over to the fold out ironing centre. Larger items like towels & sheets get tumble dried. My drying room invention was my own idea, & is so fab, i can't imagine living without it (esp in winter!!) Clothes dry within hours, & i dont have to use additional energy. It also means that delicates don't get damaged by xs heat in a dryer!

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1/18/12 03:56 PM