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B2, we always have to tell people that it's ok to wear their shoes inside our house! Not in the winter, of course, but in the summer if we are going straight through into the garden. I never wear my shoes in someone's house either, unless they tell me it's ok. It's just doesn't seem right.

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7/27/14 08:20 PM

That is amazing!

Before & After: A Breakfast Nook Gets a Bold Blue Look Under $600 Professional Project
7/27/14 05:08 PM

We have an Ikea kitchen and I love it. In the small adjacent TV room, we used Ikea upper cabinets to flank the fireplace (electric, but it does look good). The cabinets have glass doors and were exactly what we needed for the space.

10 Kitchen Ideas We Picked Up from IKEA's New 2015 Catalog
7/25/14 01:26 PM

Very nice, and I enjoy the narration too.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Renovation Diary
7/24/14 09:29 PM

Fabulous home and garden.

Magali & Bart's Soulful Belgium Retreat An Apartment Therapy + Aphrochic Remix House Tour
7/24/14 09:25 PM

Backsplash is amazing!

Before & After: Vanessa's Mini Chef's Kitchen The Big Reveal
7/22/14 09:08 PM

Wow! Very nice!

Before & After: Stephanie's 'Everything New from the Floor Up' Kitchen Renovation The Big Reveal
7/22/14 09:07 PM

Then why post? Your comment is so nonconstructive.

I think it's very nice! I can't imagine having all that open space.

Jocelyn Scrapes Back Her Loft House Tour
7/22/14 08:52 PM

Well said, Fjordbrit!

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/22/14 07:45 AM

Real Turkish coffee was a treat. Both times we visited Turkey, there was too much instant coffee served. We were also plied with apple tea when we were shopping for carpets, but when we decided to buy, the deal was sealed with Turkish coffee!

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7/21/14 05:00 PM

So true, slhhm. I think they're gorgeous and more importantly the owner loves them.

This whole 'wood is sacred' business is ridiculous, imo.

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/21/14 04:57 PM

This is fantastic! Love the floor, it's fabulous. So is the kitty :)

Before & After: Anne's Nod to Mid-Century Kitchen Overhaul The Big Reveal
7/21/14 11:06 AM

This is exactly the mat that I wanted after seeing it on the web, but I didn't see it in a store until after I had bought my mat (and couldn't return it). Also Chilewich and fairly bright colours, but a more narrow stripe. I think this one is great.

Shag Bold Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mats from Chilewich
7/21/14 08:44 AM

Looks good - great job!

Before & After: A Dated Kitchen's Fresh Face-lift on a Budget
7/20/14 03:24 PM

I am surprised by articles like this, given that so many people on Apartment Therapy start off by painting their walls white!

Anyway, would the landlady object if you painted the walls? I think it's always easier to just go ahead and paint it and suffer the consequences later. Years ago, before I bought my house, I painted a tiny paneled bedroom (cheap paneling) white - I wasn't supposed to do it, but it certainly was an improvement and those paneled walls are probably still in that old apartment.

Working With White Walls: 6 Ideas From Bold Bedrooms of Real-Life Rentals
7/20/14 02:33 PM

Love it, and agree with the decision to add legs.

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Goes From White to Wow!
7/19/14 10:56 AM

We have cats, and I actually think leather is a good choice. We have leather Ekornes chairs in our TV room, and both cats seems fine with them. Same with a couple of leather chairs in our living room. I don't let the cats sit on the sofa which is Irish linen in a colour called oatmeal. (Mind you, I know they do what they want.) The back of that does have show some pulls where the cats have been active. I just think leather is more forgiving.

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7/18/14 12:10 PM

We have a similar rug on our outdoor deck - love it! They look good and they're practical.

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/18/14 12:03 PM

I love this salad. I also loved poached eggs - we often have them on frites or on polenta or on greens, like this. Add in the lardons and it`s heavenly.

Recipe: Lyonnaise Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
7/17/14 07:45 PM

I just ate a big bag of fresh cherries over the last few days. They are one of my favourite fruits - delicious on their own or in a recipe.

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7/17/14 07:42 PM