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Nothing was thrown away in this project except for the flimsy fiberboard backing. I used the top two thirds to make a doll house for my daughters’ 18 inch dolls. The doors are in a closet until I get a good idea...

Before & After: From TV Armoire to Built-in Banquette Bench
7/20/14 04:33 PM

Sad to see it go but hopefully the Kallax can match it! I emptied the closet in my sons’ shared bedroom and fit an Expedit inside. The closet is huge so I’m able to fit hanging clothes on either side of the Expedit.

A Photographic Ode to IKEA's Expedit in Kids' Rooms
2/26/14 10:25 AM

You could close it off with a door or pocket door and make a small closet.

How Can I Maximize Storage in Recessed Corner? Good Questions
2/13/14 07:57 AM

I repurposed the drawer from the crib which we were done with. I covered it in fabric and added some wheels. It holds bedroom toys and rolls easily under a twin bed when not needed:

Buy or DIY: Kids Underbed Storage
1/24/14 06:38 PM

I love my 7 foot span of the Ikea Fintorp. It keeps us organized and it a great way to keep the counters free. Every basket has a specific use. Cooking oils and some spices are near the stove, coffee and sugar are next to that, then tea and bandaids. The last basket is the drying rack.The two caddies hold our cell phones and chargers. I’ve had it up for a year and it has been a great space saver/organizer.

10 Inexpensive Kitchen Helpers & Organizers We Can't Live Without The Organized Kitchen
1/23/14 09:57 AM

Very nice! It adds so much warmth and character. Great job

Before & After: Marty's Beachy Backsplash
9/18/13 04:54 PM

I had an old light fixture that I wanted to update without buying a new one. I removed the old glass sconce and spray painted the rest of the fixture. I then used an Edison bulb. They cost a little more but has given an industrial feel to the fixture. Here’s a bit more info on what I did...

Ideas For Bare Bulb Light Fixtures on Living Room Wall? Good Questions
7/16/13 09:33 AM

There is a built in cubby next to the closet to with enough room to hold her clothing. She is a tomboy so we don’t really need to much hanging space to begin with.

Christina's \"Cloffice\" Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/26/13 04:33 PM

What a transformation! Paint really does wonders. Great job!

Before & After: Laura's Family Room Finds a New Purpose
2/21/13 04:45 PM

Gorgeous lamp. It really adds some character to the room.

DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Lamp View Along the Way
2/18/13 06:46 PM

I'm a dedicated DIY'er. Some of my favorites...
my pelmet board window treatments

my stenciled wall

my kitchen storage

my sew together rug

Brags! What DIY Project Are You Most Proud Of?
2/8/13 10:14 AM

Thank for the nominations! There are such incredible blogs out there.
Just one question, can you change it from No 29 Design to No. 29 Design? Thanks!

Best Home Project & DIY Blog The Homies 2013
2/2/13 10:13 PM

I used my Expedit in the bedroom closet that my two boys share. I removed the sliding doors and placed the Expedit inside, with enough room on either side for the occasional dress shirt or pants. I then hung some fabric from the top of the closet to hide the storage shelf behind it.

The World's Most Popular Bookcase:
Best Uses of the IKEA Expedit

1/21/13 07:24 PM

I turned some Hemnes bookshelves into a built in!

Before & After: A Year of IKEA Hacks Best of 2012
12/19/12 08:02 PM

If you want to brighten the room, paint it!! I did it myself to my family room which my children were too frightened of to play in.

I primed and used a warm white. It really changed the look of the room. If it had beams in it I probably would have left them unpainted while painting the ceiling white as well.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/14/12 02:05 PM

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the mattress frame. Mine is metal but is calling out for a recycle job!
I was able to make some toy storage out of the drawer underneath.

Do-It-Yourself Projects: Repurposed Cribs
6/21/12 03:36 PM

I was able to create the built in look on an Ikea budget!

Rooms with Beautiful Built-Ins Inspiration Gallery
6/21/12 03:32 PM

I covered my old tile flooring with Allure TrafficMaster linoleum flooring. It looks like wood, needs no subflooring, and is about $1.60/square foot. We loved it so much that two years later we covered our entire basement renovation with the same flooring. Here are some before and after pictures...

Economical Flooring To Cover Tile? Good Questions
6/15/12 09:02 AM

3M strips could hold up fabric. You could put up a temporary curtain with these strips and choose when you want the privacy or not. Window film would probably works best since you can cut it to the shape of the glass.

How To Cover Windows in Front Door? Good Questions
6/11/12 08:26 AM

I keep one hamper in the master bedroom, then a three sorter bin with wheels (Container Store) in the laundry room. No more piles on the floor!

Where Does Your Laundry Basket Live? Reader Survey
6/1/12 01:50 PM