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This list reminds me of a great quote:
"To love one's self is the beginning of a lifelong romance."
-Oscar Wilde

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 6 Tips for Finding Balance
4/21/08 10:35 AM

Blockposters renders a printable PDF. Most people opt to remove the white border from the printout, but I left it because I liked the window pane effect.

That's Central Park near where I used to live in NYC. My little bit of New York in LA!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Reader's DIY Tiled Wall Poster
4/16/08 04:00 PM

If the word Rasterbator make you blush, just use

It worked great for the mural in my bedroom:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Top 10 Affordable Wall Treatments
4/16/08 12:11 PM

THE hangover cure... MIDOL.

Think about it. It contains caffeine, a pain reliever, and a muscle relaxant - everything you could ask for when you're hung over!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To...Clean Up After a House Party (Hungover, that is)
4/14/08 10:52 AM