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First of all thank you, thank you, thank you to all the folks that have posted that this is appropriating and seriously reaffirmed my hope in (white, privileged) humanity!
I am a real, authentic "card carrying" tribal member and an avid reader of this blog. This offends me beyond anything. I am not YOUR heritage, I am not a kitschy fad, I am a human being that is part of a LIVING PEOPLE who continue to exist, so don't dehumanize us for your design pleasures.
I am going to carry on and continue to enjoy the parts of this blog that are not racist and offensive and ignore this comment section so I can continue to feel positive about life and living BUT I hope those that edit this pay attention to the many allies informing you that this is inappropriate and not continue this in the future.
And to the author, if you truly have an Indigenous ancestor you have even more of a responsibility to understand the present reality of the rest of us whose families chose not to assimilate and not disrespect your relatives!
Respect people, seriously why is that so hard for Americans to understand??!!

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Please no more "tipis" its mad racist and I adore this blog and don't want to stop reading!

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