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Hello Fidi,

Thanks for recommending my Silver Care page which now resides at http:/ And you're correct, I don't recommend the aluminuym foil method for the following reasons:

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This process, known as electrochemical (Galvanic) Reduction, uses aluminum foil or an aluminum/ aluminum alloy plate and a warm solution of sodium carbonate (washing soda). When the object comes into contact with the plate in the solution, it removes only light tarnish, not the thick, black tarnish produced by years of neglect. Pitting of the object can occur if the aluminum plate is not periodically cleaned. Another not-so-obvious problem is scratching of the object when in contact with the plate.

Objects cleaned by this method may tarnish more quickly than silver that has been polished, for the object's surface will act like a sponge and more readily absorb tarnish-producing gases and moisture. The solution can also seep into hollow areas such as coffeepot handles, unsoldered spun beads around the tops of lightweight holloware, weighted pieces with minute holes, and any porous attachments. For these reasons, this cleaning technique is not recommended.

Polish Your Silver Using Banana Peels
1/5/13 10:43 PM

I’m a silver restoration & conservation specialist who recently tested Earth Friendly’s silver polish. This product is EXTREMELY abrasive! Though it is non-toxic, it certainly is NOT non-abrasive as it states on the packaging. You could very easily cut through the plating on plated objects. Please visit my Web site at for professionally tested and recommended polishes. (I receive absolutely no compensation.)

Chemical Free Silver Polish by Earth Friendly Products
1/14/12 04:21 AM