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I like this game. It's fun and it didn't cost me a cent!

One Design, Two Budgets:
Global Chic Bedroom

3/6/13 07:58 PM

Inspired! I just love everything about this. You took something bland, plain and boring and put it on fire! Whether I like red or chevron or doesn't's made me want to do something similar with my own fabrics and colors.

Before & After: Charlotte's Craigslist Chairs Get Chevron-ed
2/11/13 05:35 PM

The J Peterman reference is spot on. The awful, self-conscious "personal" statements by one of the boss men and one of the cloth men were hilarious. Also their aging model good looks...(no uglies allowed in our catalog!) Somewhere there are 'almost' high-society types scrambling to get them to their McMansion party decorated in aging "chic",,,you know the RH furniture AND the guests. The interiors remind me of the perfect haunted house look for Disneyland.

Florid Language: Restoration Hardware's New Catalog
9/14/12 12:22 PM

All of it is dynamite creative and no one else can have a home like it! The kitchen takes me back to Rome for some reason. I just felt a wave of nostalgia seeing it. It has all the things I love about the Roman sense of home. There's old and modern and a wonderful warm feeling about it. The lighting is perfecto.

Veronica & Keith's Handmade Chic House Tour
5/31/12 05:30 PM

The whole look is good. Clean, easy, nice color and texture balance. Where did those posters come from? They look familiar yet I can't place them...any ideas?

ID These Lamps?
Good Questions

1/15/12 02:54 PM