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I also agree. The tilted frame is unsettling, and the gallery wall is placed much to high for anyone besides an NBA player to see.

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2/28/12 01:07 PM

I have a 32" and it's still an eyesore in my living room.

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2/27/12 10:54 AM

A good tenant wants full disclosure up front. I think it helps to have a candid conversation on each others expectations and then develop the agreement from there. When I rented a room a long time ago, I wanted to know what the full house privileges were and the consequences for both parties if they did not abide by the agreement. For instance, let them know that groceries aren't shared, house guests are allowed for ___ amount of time before they are treated as tenants, and what the exact percentage of shared utilities are (if there are any). I think the best housemate relationships start with clear boundaries that are in written form after you've had a clear conversation.

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1/13/12 05:54 PM