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I work in a museum where we deal with insects all the time. Here is a useful website, museumpests.net designed for museums, which describes all insects damaging to items in your apartment including clothes moths and carpet beetles. Check the "solutions" section for info on how to treat an infestation, and the pdfs on the various insects. Cedar is nice but does not work - if your cedar chest is tightly sealed that is probably what saved your clothes from being infested, and absolutely keep things in ziplock bags, vacuum them, and dry clean when you can.
About freezing: the temperature must be low enough to kill all stages of insect - eggs, larvae, adults. Ideally your freezer should go to minus 20 F, but most home freezers don't go that low. Insects can adjust their temperature and remain dormant but alive at low temperatures. Make sure you seal your items carefully in plastic bags before you freeze them, and when you take them out give them 24 hours to acclimate to room temperature, otherwise you will get condensation on your items which can lead to mold.

Jill's Moth Saga: Freezing Out Unwelcome Guests, Naturally
1/13/12 10:54 AM