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my apartment building walls are paper thin. for the most part my neighbours are pretty respectful and i think we all just accept that you can hear people running up the stairs, the whole building shakes when the front door slams, tv's can be heard in the hallways, etc.

my upstairs neighbour, though, has the loudest voice i've ever heard. it carries through my apartment like he's in there with me. i intimately know the guy thanks to his late night conversations and weekly arguments with his girlfriend despite never having met him. thank god for earplugs - though even those sometimes can't entirely drown him out.

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3/14/12 02:46 PM

mmm nothing smells as good as laundry dried on the line!
having grown up and lived on an island all my life, anything that saves electricity, water or other resources has always been top priority. it would be great if these simple ideas spread past my little coastline.

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1/17/12 02:59 PM

my last upstairs neighbours used to fight like cats and dogs ... they finally got evicted after numerous tenants had to call the police during a 2am domestic argument. charming!

my apartment building supposedly has a strict "quiet clause" but my landlord is never around to enforce it and the building is quite old and very poorly insulated. everyone can hear everything. i mean, EVERYTHING. my new upstairs neighbours sometimes thump on the floor when i roll over in bed and my bed squeaks ... meanwhile i can hear every sordid detail of their relationship without thumping back. i never really know how to deal with it in a way that doesn't come across as passive-aggressive.

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1/12/12 04:44 PM