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As far as the flip clock you can get it if you have Roku Media Player (a play that streams netflix, hulu, etc.) I am currently seeing if there is a bluray app. I know it's not necessarily energy efficient but it is nice if you are having guests. Nice way to bring attention to something other than a big black blank screen. I will post if I find an app.

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3/1/12 10:39 AM

I wish I need 10,000 dressers. That's the only way I could feed my obsession. I recently redid a dresser similar to #9. It was a lot of fun! We chose to leave the bottom drawers the same and only embellish the top three. It turned out well. (Although the photos aren't Apartment Therapy quailty). I love a good mid century dresser!!

Here's mine: http://mommyscigar.com/2012/01/04/mid-century-christmas-le-finished/

DIY Roundup: 10 Fab Revamped Dressers
1/12/12 12:20 PM