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This is post came at the perfect time! I just had a discussion with friends about the frustration of using CL or eBay to purge some unwanted stuff. Craigslist was always my go-to. It's not bad if you're smart enough to ignore scammers, but it's become hit or miss lately. This looks promising. Spring cleaning, here I come!

Hate Selling On eBay & Craigslist?
Try the Sold. App

4/27/13 02:15 PM

I'm a photographer and use Eneloops every day in my flashes (Canon580EXII) for work. I have been using small flashes for a few years now and Eneloop is far and away the best option. I have been using them for 2 years and they are totally solid with daily use.

Duracall were my first experience with rechargeables about 3 years ago and now they barely hold a charge unless they're charged immediately before use. I also use a Maha eight battery charger to charge 2 sets of 4 at a time. They're a perfect match!

Moving On from Single-Use: Sanyo Eneloop Batteries
5/7/12 01:14 PM

I'm a photographer and I constantly change lenses on my camera bodies 7 days a week. I can't stress enough how BAD of an idea cleaning your own sensor is. There's just too must risk involved, in my opinion. With enough patience and know-how, it can be done. But just like buying cheap UV filters for expensive lenses, there's no sense cutting corners when you invest in quality equipment. The occasional sensor cleaning is money well-spent and a quality air blaster is a must with any gear bag. That being said, I give my sensor a good blast of air every few days and rarely need to have the sensors cleaned. They really do work wonders.
I may be stating the obvious, but when using an air blaster, remember to hold the camera with the lens mount facing DOWN blasting air UP into the camera; that way any dust falls down and out, rather than swirling particles around and having it land on the sensor.

Essential Tools to Keep Your Camera Clean
1/12/12 10:20 AM