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This is amazing and innovative, and I bet it serves the unique, small people who live in it quite well. I would have LOVED this as a kid. My sister not so much. Everyone is different.

As for the other commenters, it's pretty simple: If you wouldn't say it standing in that person's house, speaking directly to them, then don't type it here. It doesn't mean you can't raise concerns or ask for clarification. It just means you have to exhibit basic manners.

A Small, Smart Space for Judah & Layla Kids Room Tour
5/7/14 03:04 PM

YES. When I give things I've made, I put a little note in the card that says, "The only strings this gift comes with are the ones I used to make it." I always make it clear that I don't expect anyone to keep the things I give them, and most of the time I give consumables. (Booze, fancy jam, etc...)

When I got married we used a honeymoon registry so we could have experiences rather than things, and it went over really well. Surprisingly, the three or so guests who ignored it and gave us objects knew our lifestyle really well and they were things we both really liked. It was lucky.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 06:42 PM


Quick DIY Tip: How To Cut Linen Perfectly Straight Every Time
4/18/14 04:57 PM

Lovely, bright and and a real, dedicated practice of minimalism! The objects that are there are lovely and coherent. I love it!

This space is huge by New York standards, but for Portland it's a pretty average square foot count.

What is with the commenters here lately? Has no one taught you what to do if you don't have anything nice to say?

Mikola and Randall's Modern and Airy Small Space House Tour
4/3/14 03:34 PM

This is perfect.

Miles & Antena's Laid Back Coastal Home House Tour
2/17/14 03:31 AM

So I think what everyone is saying (myself included) is that this is amazing and we want to know more about it. Full house tour with budget breakdown and reno story, please?

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 03:05 PM

This color combination will always represent the two female Power Rangers to me.

Classic Color Combinations: Pink & Yellow
1/27/14 01:37 PM

Love, love LOVE this house. So much life! The patterns and textures and colors are wonderful, and I love the simple leaf arrangements. That outdoor space is divine as well.

On the Katrina art: I don't think anyone who didn't live in New Orleans during Katrina has any place whatsoever to opine on how the people who did choose to express their memory of that experience artistically. That's a long sentence, but basically: if you weren't there, be quiet.

Thomas and Mitchell's Bougie Boho Style House Tour
1/27/14 01:17 PM

You can avoid onion tears by holding an unlit (obviously) matchstick in your mouth, lighting tip out, like a tiny cigarette. It works for me and my roommates. Something about phosphorus.

Simple & Smart Housekeeping Tips:
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12/23/13 04:57 PM

I endorse all of these, (My staples are EVOO, Coconut, canola, peanut, toasted sesame, and bacon fat, much like everyone here.) but recently I happened upon 100% cacao butter in the bath aisle, and because there wasn't anything else in it, I tried cooking with it. Holy amazeballs! Fry everything in chocolate, you guys.

Three Oils You Need in the Kitchen (And One More That Might Be Nice)
10/25/13 02:13 PM


Before & After: Reclaimed & Recycled Kitchen Redo
8/27/13 08:05 PM

A magical place for a magical person.

Annie's Historic Studio at \"The Shire\" in West Hollywood House Tour
8/21/13 01:11 PM

Amazing! I'd use many of these elements in non-nursery spaces too.

Baby V's Pink Peony Nursery My Room
8/20/13 04:35 PM


Caroline & Sebastian's Bohemian Fairytale House Tour
8/8/13 02:35 PM

Completely unrelated- I really like that typography art in the photo. I'm totally going to make one with the hubs and my initials!

8 Secret Spots to Hide Valuables at Home
6/17/13 07:50 PM

These are great! I like to wrap avocado slices in bacon and bake at 375 for 15 minutes. It helps if you have toothpicks to keep them together.

10 Breakfasts Without Grains (or Eggs) Recipes from The Kitchn
3/7/13 03:12 PM

All of the jealous. That maiden hair fern is the opposite of dead! Witchcraft, obviously.

No but I love it. Swoon party.

Marianne's Playful Vintage Mix in Melbourne House Tour
3/4/13 03:47 PM

This is gorgeous and inspiring. I especially like that of all the shots of photo 5 I'm sure you took, you chose the one with dog butt. +1.

Lisa & Scott's Industrial Barbara Bestor Home in TopangaHouse Tour
2/21/13 02:18 PM

*wolf whistle*

Kathleen's Carriage House Channels Bali House Tour
1/25/13 02:52 PM

How cute would this be for outdoor lighting? You could use the tiny ones on string lights or hang the pendants from a tree.

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9/13/12 05:46 PM