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They're a custom job by a place in Toronto's Junction neighbourhood called Eclectic Revival.

Kendal's Vintage Doors Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 03:36 PM

Hey @hrhprincessfiona, a friend of ours actually build the 10-person dining room table for us as a wedding gift -- before we bought a super tiny house! The only room that the table would fit in (the biggest room in the house) had to be our dining room as a result. It works out because we love to have people over for dinner!

The studio is a mere 70 square feet, so really not a great bedroom choice for two adults!

Kendal's Vintage Doors Small Cool Contest
5/8/13 10:44 AM

Hey @MeganMarguerite, it's Benjamin Moore's "buttermilk" -- so a buttery yellow indeed!

Kendal's Vintage Doors Small Cool Contest
5/8/13 10:40 AM

Hey @kayonyc it's a knock-off Pierre Paulin "orange slice" chair that I bought off Craigslist and reupholstered!

Kendal's Vintage Doors Small Cool Contest
5/8/13 10:39 AM

We cut our cable last December, when we swapped our dining room with our living room. Our new living room was smaller, and it just didn't have room for a TV. I'd been wanting to try going TV-free as I found myself staying up til midnight most nights watching Law & Order reruns, etc so this seemed like a good time to start. So far we haven't missed anything -- and we don't even have Netflix or apps to supplement. We go to friends' houses if there's something we really want to see and we make a social evening out of it!

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Cutting Cable
7/28/12 09:23 AM

Totally agree with the importance of a 3rd space - it's why my husband & I felt comfortable buying such a tiny house. We live in such an urban area (4 libraries, several parks, tons of restaurants, dozens of coffee shops) all within a 10 minute walk, so we figured we'd always have an "extra room" at our disposal should we need to get out of each other's hair for a bit. So far it's worked out perfectly, and we're always making new friends in these shared spaces!

Home Away from Home:
The Value of Third Spaces

6/11/12 03:48 PM

oh my, i don't know whether to be creeped out by the similarities between this room and my own tiny, currently a dressing room / office, but one-day-nursery (the alvine ruta rug, the 8 x 6.5, the jenna rose!) or pleased that someone else was able to create a beautiful nursery out of 50 square feet. i'm going to have to show this to my father and say, "seeeee? we can totally fit a baby in this house!"

Saf's Pint-Size Personal History Nursery Tour
3/19/12 03:36 PM

love eclectic revival's stuff. pete did some custom pendants for us over the summer and i'm eying that exit bulb that you can see at 00:25s.

Made in Toronto: Eclectic Lighting
1/11/12 09:57 AM