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I want that cat fort.

Geek Chic Design: Where Do You Draw The Line?
2/4/12 03:45 AM

I love this! Now I hope someone sends me a package with that paper stuff in it. :)

DIY: Recycled Paper Sewing Basket

2/4/12 03:39 AM

When it's warm enough, I have most of the windows open as much as possible. I like the fresh air. I don't like it when the house smells like food. Every now and then I'll light a candle for the ambience, but as likely as not, it'll be an unscented candle. I also own a scentbug that migrates between the laundry room (where the litter box is), my daughter's bedroom (she's a preschooler), and the bathroom.

The Fragrance of Home: Making Sense of How Your Home Smells
2/4/12 02:51 AM

LOVE this. Definitely on my to-do list now.

How To Make Plush Alphabet Magnets
Chez Beeper Bebe

2/4/12 01:52 AM

I'm from Texas, where everyone calls it a "coke." That annoys the tar out of me - I call it a SODA. When people call it "pop," I just want to laugh, because it sounds so odd.

Survey: What Is Your Generic Name For Soft Drinks?
2/3/12 08:29 PM

Oh, also, we're planning to finally buy a deep freeze, which means I'll be able to make more use of the freezer! We're going to buy meat in bigger portions and cut it ourselves. I might even learn to make sausage! Also, make-ahead-and-freeze meals.

What New Cooking Skills Do You Want to Learn This Year?
2/1/12 04:17 PM

I'm hoping to learn to preserve/can, but I don't know if that will happen this year. I'm definitely going to improve my bread skills. I'm also hoping to learn more recipes to add to our rotation, including some new ingredients.
I've completely given up on learning to frost cakes.

What New Cooking Skills Do You Want to Learn This Year?
2/1/12 04:16 PM

It's really interesting to read through here and see what brands and what kinds of products get mentioned a lot. :) PS - I've gotta agree that King Arthur flour is best, but I don't always get it. Sometimes I just get the cheap one.

You and Only You: What Brands Have Your Unswerving Loyalty?
2/1/12 04:10 PM

I am mostly a generic/cheapest person, but I do prefer Viva paper towels, Cascade dishwasher soap (the little nugget-like things), Ken's honey mustard, Jif peanut butter, Smucker's Raspberry preserves, and Ghirardelli chocolate chips for cookies.
Oh, and if I'm buying a paper copy of a classic book, I prefer the Signet edition. :D

Surprised that nobody's brought up the Mac/PC thing...

You and Only You: What Brands Have Your Unswerving Loyalty?
2/1/12 04:07 PM

I have been searching for a copper bowl for ages. There are plenty out there, but I have a specific look in my mind and I don't want to buy until I find "my bowl." Just wanted to throw that out there.
Ditto what caseoftornados said - I think we should all be able to make do from scratch. That said - I never knead or whip by hand because I am laaaazy. :)

The How's and Why's of Whisking By Hand
1/27/12 02:11 AM

Lazy_Lurker - I dunno about anybody else but I got my nylon scrapers from The Pampered Chef. :) I'm sure you can find them other places, too.

Tip: Save Money By Bench Scraping First
1/25/12 06:02 PM

So... I have a couple of cans of tuna that have expired in my pantry. I haven't tossed them because I felt guilty (yeah, weird, I know). So now I'm thinking about opening them up, tossing the bad fish, and using the cans. :D

Before & After: Tuna Can Turned Desk Storage
Family Chic

1/20/12 10:57 PM

I refuse to toss my VCR for one reason and one reason only - my Star Wars movies. I refuse to buy the newer ones, with crappy extra scenes added in. Not to mention I don't feel like giving George Lucas any more money.

It's Finally Time to Retire These Technologies
1/20/12 10:56 PM

Wow this is super cute! I'm bookmarking these for when my kiddo gets older. I wonder how hard it'd be to make them from spare cardboard?

Fun for the Budding Urban Planner
Papierowe Miasto

1/20/12 09:41 PM

I love Legos and this is a cute idea, but taxidermy is such a creepy concept to me, there's no way I could do this.

LEGO Taxidermy Kits
1/20/12 09:26 PM

Whoa, chill, Jill. If she (or whoever) frequently uses that type of art supply (like colored pencils) it's pretty smart of her to buy a bunch of them on sale, rather than have to go to the shop and get them when she needs them and possibly pay a lot more. I know that I stockpile crayons for my kid, and I get paintbrushes for myself every time they go on sale.

Gifting: Send a Gift in a Bottle
Giver's Log

1/20/12 09:24 PM

@Archdarling - my solution to that problem is that I make it very clear to my friends that the condition and care of my books is of utmost importance. I will only consider loaning to friends who I know take equal care of their own books (that's only a few people, lol). Most people don't even ask me, because they know how much of a stickler I am. If someone who I don't trust with my books asks to borrow, I just tell them that I don't like to lend them. *Exception - if they're wanting a book that I don't like very much. My close friends who do borrow books from time to time don't go bragging about it, so those people who get told that I don't lend are never the wiser and nobody's feelings are hurt. Maybe they think I'm a nut, but I don't really care, lol.

10 Resolutions from Eco-Minded Readers
1/12/12 11:09 AM

I've always worried that the store packaging wasn't good for them. Glad to know that it is!

On a similar topic, does anybody know if it's possible to grow mushrooms without an expensive setup?

How to Store Mushrooms: Two Methods
1/11/12 01:45 PM

I've baked my own cake for a while now. I really like it.

And this cake looks so good, I think I might lick the computer screen. :)

Birthday Cake Recipe: Double Chocolate Sour Cream Cake
1/11/12 01:35 PM

All of these but #3 are on my list this year. (I already do #3, lol). I'm most excited about the "having people over" one, but the others are also things that I'm really excited about.

5 Resolutions for a Happier-at-Home New Year
1/10/12 11:01 PM