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Books are never obsolete. Even though I have a Kindle, I can't imagine a life without books. The older the better!

Are Books Obsolete? Thoughts on the Printed Word
6/19/13 12:16 PM

Very nice, Julia. I'd like to know more about that cool frig. Where did you find that?

Julia's Cabin in the Hills Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 12:52 PM

LOVE Airstreams. Please tell me it has air conditioning. And do you travel in it, or is it just parked? I love the idea of having a home office in an Air Stream parked outside our home. Great getaway and when you don't have space for guests, they can "camp out." Would love to know more on the conversion. Did you do it yourself or hire someone? Thanks for sharing and I hope you win!

Shari's Airstream Studio Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 11:51 AM

I love pennyroyal. Like baby tears only smells better.

15 Household Uses for Mint Mother Earth Living
4/11/13 11:58 AM

I tried to take the Find Your Place test, but it was soooooo slooooooow I gave up.

Where-To-Live Quizzes: Have You Taken One? Did You Follow Its Advice?
4/9/13 12:45 PM

After a break up and my son moving on as an adult, I, too, have had to learn to live with less. I've sold off nearly every thing I own in the process and all I have left fits into a small storage unit. I moved in with my mother who was in ill health, and I'm happy to say, she's doing much better nearly 2 years later. I wouldn't have traded this time with her for anything. I continue to keep my options open, knowing at some point, I am completely untethered, and so much happier for it. Thanks for this article. I definitely gives me something to dream about when the time comes.

Apartment Therapy on Trust Homes On The Road
4/8/13 02:14 PM

I'm a gal, and I'd love this room for me! I also love how your dogs match the decor. Or were they the inspiration? Great room. I voted for you.

Alan's Sleep in Style Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/28/13 02:37 PM

My son had a teepee just like that when he was little. It was so fun!

Brooke's Campout Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/28/13 02:35 PM

Love the bird. Did you do it yourself?

Don't-Miss Beautiful Bedrooms: Week Three My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/21/13 07:51 PM

Agree with Tracy333 - can we find out more about that room?

Soundproof Your Sleep: Tiered Solutions to Stop Street Noise Renters Solutions
3/8/13 03:33 PM

I have my Bose speaker near my bed and have my Pandora station set to spa music. I also have ear plugs at the ready, and when it gets really bad, a dose of Tylenol PM always does the trick.

Soundproof Your Sleep: Tiered Solutions to Stop Street Noise Renters Solutions
3/8/13 03:32 PM

Alarm clocks? Seriously? I use an iPhone to wake me up - takes up no space at all.

Pretty & Pragmatic: Cleverly Styled Nightstands
2/28/13 07:45 PM

As a second-hand furniture junkie myself, this is really good advice. One other thing I learned the hard way. If its a fold-out sofabed, make sure you actually open it up and check the hardware - even if it looks brand new. Also be sure to check for bedbugs. Sometimes people are getting rid of things for a good reason.

The Ten Commandments of Used Furniture
2/28/13 12:13 PM

Not crazy about it either.

Before & After: A 100-Year-Old Farmhouse Freshens Up The Sweeten
2/27/13 08:30 PM

We have a TV in the kitchen and my elderly mother is the one who watches it, usually while I'm cooking. I wouldn't say it makes either of us overeat, but it allows me to listen play along with Jeopardy while I'm busy preparing a meal.

Does a TV or Computer in the Kitchen Encourage Overeating?
2/27/13 08:26 PM

The audiobook is also, although at times can be monotonous.

Easing into the Past: A Brief History of Being Comfortable
2/8/13 02:49 PM

I'm proud to say mine are very organized and I love using Board Covers to draw others in. I hope I've been good about giving credit where credit is due, so I will go back and doublecheck. Mine are mostly things I love, like places I want to visit or virtual collections, not necessarily work-related. They provide a visual break from the monotony of my usual day at work.

Pins Piling Up? 5 Ways to Keep Your Pinterest Clean & Functional
1/10/13 12:40 PM

I want the sheep bench!!! Where can I find that?

Trend Spotting for 2013: Polka Dots
1/3/13 12:21 PM

HUGE pet peeve. No one is that busy or that important they can't take a few minutes to reply when someone cares enough about them to invite them. RUDENESS is the worst kind of arrogance.

Party Planning Vent: What's So Hard About RSVPing?
11/8/12 12:33 PM

What about the inside of the kitchen trash can? Yuk! Even with a plastic liner, I still find coffee grounds and dog kibble dust in the bottom of mine. Take a few minutes and spritz with your favorite cleaner (I use a meyer lemon spray) and wipe it down. Or put it in the sink, add some dish soap and spray it with warm water. Rinse and dry it out before replacing a new bag inside.

Ten Household Items You Can Clean in One Minute (And Probably Should)
6/27/12 12:22 PM