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Curb Painting isn't a scam DEPENDING ON THE PERSON or BUSINESS! For instance, if i leave a flyer i clearly make it known that - I'm not charity, this is a business, I only collect for work completed and i leave my phone number and email address. If you don't pay , you don't get a painted curb! SIMPLE! Its the clowns who show up at your house at 7pm on a Tuesday night and ask for 10 bucks to have your curb painted that make the real people look bad. Or the people who paint first and ask for money second - SCAM! If you do it legit you make it legit! I know people including myself who make 300 a day doing this legitimately while the stupid high school idiots only make 50 because they just make it look sleazy!

Neighborhood Watch: Curb Scam
1/10/12 05:22 PM